Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS Spirit of the Beast

Spiritual Beasts and Ritual Beast
Tamers are here to stir up a storm!
Yosenjus have come out of hiding as well!

Recommended Cards

Example of Combos

Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio + Ritual Beast's Bond

First, banish a "Ritual Beast Tamer" monster and a "Spiritual Beast" monster to Special Summon "Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio" and attack.
After attacking, activate the effect of "Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio" during the Battle Phase to Special Summon the "Ritual Beast Tamer" and "Spiritual Beast" in Defense Position you banished before.
Then, activate the Quick-Play Spell Card "Ritual Beast's Bond" by banishing those 2 monsters again to Special Summon "Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio" from your Extra Deck and attack!

Divine Wind of Mist Valley + Yosenjus' Secret Move + Yosenju Kama 2

First, activate the Field Spell Card "Divine Wind of Mist Valley" and Set "Yosenjus' Secret Move."
Next, Normal Summon a "Yosenju" monster such as "Yosenju Kama 2" and "Yosenju Tsujik" and return it to your hand at the end of the turn.
Now you'll be able to activate the effect of "Divine Wind of Mist Valley" and Special Summon a Level 4 or lower "Yosenju" monster from your Deck!
This means you can activate "Yosenjus' Secret Move" to negate your opponent's cards!

List of Cards Included

A total of 50 types : 3 UR, 10 SR, 17 R, and 20 N
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