Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS STRUCTURE DECK EX - Cyber Style Extreme -

Cyber Style evolves! Xyz Summon!
Come out, Cyber Dragon Nova!

Example of Combos

Cyber Dragon + Cyber Dragon Nachster + Cyber Ogre

First, activate "Cyber Dragon Nachster"'s effect to Special Summon itself by discarding "Cyber Dragon"!
Next, use "Cyber Dragon Nachster"'s other effect to Special Summon "Cyber Dragon" from your Graveyard. Then, Tribute "Cyber Dragon Nachster" in order to Tribute Summon "Cyber Ogre"!
With this, you will have 2 Level 5 Machine-Type monsters, so you can Xyz Summon "Cyber Dragon Nova"!
Since "Cyber Dragon Nachster" is treated as "Cyber Dragon" because of its effect, "Cyber Dragon Nova" can Special Summon it or banish it to activate its second effect!

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