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Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS Electric Overload


Destroy your foes with a mighty blast!
Go! Cannon Firestorm!!

Recommended Cards

  • Featuring:
  • - "XYZ-Dragon Cannon," This monster can be Special Summoned by Banishing three specific monsters. With its effect, you can discard a card from your hand in order to destroy a card on the field.
  • - "Chiron the Mage," This monster lets you destroy a Spell/Trap Card on your opponent's side of the field by discarding a Spell Card from your hand. It also has 1800 ATK, making it useful in combat.
  • - "Frontline Base," This card lets you Special Summon a Union monster from your hand. Equip your Union monster on a monster you Normal Summoned.
  • - "Soul Transition," This Trap Card lets you draw 2 cards by Tributing a level 4 monster. However, you cannot use this card if you control a monster that was Special Summoned.

Example of Combos

"XYZ-Dragon Cannon" + "Y-Dragon Head" + "Frontline Base" “XYZ-Dragon Cannon” is a monster that can be Special Summoned by banishing “X-Head Cannon”, “Y-Dragon Head”, and “Z-Metal Tank”. “Y-Dragon Head” and “Z-Metal Tank” are Union Monsters, so they can be brought to the field with ease using “Frontline Base“ or “Roll Out!“.Even if you can’t assemble all three parts, you can summon monsters such as “XZ-Tank Cannon”, so don’t forget to put them in your Extra Deck!

"Booby Trap E" + "Ninjitsu Art of Transformation" “Booby Trap E” is a Trap Card that allows you to set a Continuous Trap Card on the Field from your hand or the Graveyard. This card has a convenient effect that not only lets you re-use cards, but also activate Trap Cards that were set with this effect on the same turn. You can preserve the other cards in your hand by sending a Continuous Trap Card to the Graveyard in order to activate “Booby Trap E,” and then set that card on the Field.

List of Cards Included

A total of 100 types : 10 UR, 12 SR, 32 R, and 46 N