Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS Arena of Sanctuary

A Fusion Monster that works well with various Decks!
Valkyries are also ready for action!

Example of Combos

Valkyrie Sigrun + Valkyrie Sechste + Sartorius Kumar's Skill "Light Barrier"

First, use Sartorius Kumar's Skill "Light Barrier" to Set "Light Barrier" at the beginning of your 1st turn and activate it.
Next, activate the effect of "Valkyrie Sigrun" in your hand against your "Light Barrier" to send it to the Graveyard in order to Special Summon "Valkyrie Sigrun"!
Then, Special Summon "Valkyrie Sechste" from your hand with the effect of "Valkyrie Sigrun" and use its effect in order to Special Summon "Valkyrie" monsters (except for "Valkyrie Sechste") from your Deck. With this, you can have 3 "Valkyrie" monsters on your field!
Although you can do the same combo by using other Skills that activates a Field Spell Card, Sartorius's "Light Barrier" and Alexis' "Master of Rites II" works better as they won't give advantage to your opponent!

Triamid Kingolem + Triamid Sphinx

First, activate "Triamid Kingolem" in your hand and then immediately activate the second copy of "Triamid Kingolem."
If you do so, you can Special Summon "Triamid Sphinx" in your hand with the effect of "Triamid Kingolem" that is sent to your Graveyard.
The Special Summoned "Triamid Sphinx" will have 3500 ATK with its effect and the effect of "Triamid Kingolem"! Since your opponent will be able to attack only "Triamid Sphinx," it will become a huge obstacle for your opponent!

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