[IMPORTANT] Beware of KONAMI ID and Password Phishing Attempts

We regularly receive reports of malicious online behavior targeting our users. This includes instances of phishing sites and malware that claim to offer eFootball™ Points in a bid to coerce users into disclosing personal information, such as their User ID, KONAMI ID, password, phone number, and email address. This information can then be used to hijack users' KONAMI ID or access further personal information.

The official websites are hosted on "https://www.konami.com" and "https://xxx.konami.net/". Please check your browser's address bar to ensure you are visiting the official websites.

[Specific Examples of Phishing Sites and Malware]

Please be aware that these sites and services can take many forms. Some of the more common examples include the following:

  • Websites that mimic the appearance of our official site in an attempt to trick you into sharing your personal information.
  • Websites that trick you into entering your personal information in exchange for eFootball™ points.
  • Posts on social media that ask you to share your KONAMI ID and password.

[Past Cases]

We have identified the following malicious attempts in the past. Please exercise extra caution if you are targeted with a similar scheme.

  • A counterfeit eFootball™ advertisement was placed on social media, prompting users to "Register your KONAMI ID and get rewarded with eFootball™ Points". Users who registered their KONAMI ID ended up having their game accounts stolen.
  • A link in English that led to a fake eFootball™ website was shared on social media. Users who clicked the link and registered their email address and passwords ended up having their game accounts stolen.

All claims of being able to receive eFootball™ Points through the exchange of personal information are false. In addition, accessing these sites and services put you in danger of unauthorized personal data extraction.
We have absolutely no affiliation with any of these sites and services, and we advise users to exercise extreme caution not to provide them with any personal information.

Two-step verification is also an effective way of preventing your KONAMI ID and game accounts from being stolen. If you have not already activated two-step verification, please consider doing so.