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【How to import data : Uniform】 

  • Start PES 2020 or PES 2021, and from the main menu, access "Settings"→ "Edit".
  • Go to the edit mode and select “Import/Export” from the edit menu
  • Go to “Import Images”
    After reading the cautionary message on screen, select “OK”
  • Select the type of image you wish to import
  • Select the appropriate USB storage on screen※1
  • Select the uniform data you wish to import
  • Go back to the edit menu, then to “Teams” and select the team for which you wish to change the uniform
  • Select "Uniform"
  • Select the uniform you want to edit
  • Select “Paste Image”
  • Select the uniform you imported and apply changes
  • You are now ready to battle with your dream squad!

※1. The USB storage device first needs to be formatted to exFAT to be compatible with the PS4.

How to format using a PS4:

  • Connect your USB storage device to the PS4.
  • Go on the PS4 home screen and select "Settings"→ "Devices" → "USB Storage Devices" .
  • From the devices list, select the USB storage device you wish to format to exFAT.
  • Once on the USB storage information screen, press the OPTIONS button and select "Format as Extended Storage".

※ Any uniform data needs to be saved on your USB storage using a PC or smartphone.

How to save data on your USB storage:

  • Create a folder named "WEPES" on your formatted USB storage device.
  • Save the images you wish to import in your "WEPES" folder.