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Autumn 2023

Introducing the first in a new collection of games from the legendary series.

List of Games

The first entry in the Metal Gear series to use 3D graphics

In this game, Solid Snake abandons his retirement plans and seclusion in Alaska, in order to take on a mission regarding Big Boss's corpse. The story follows the infiltration mission that would later be known as "the Shadow Moses Incident". Not only is the secret behind Solid Snake's birth revealed, but also his brother makes an appearance: Liquid Snake, who was born from the same genetic material. The story about genetics and rogue nuclear weapons was labeled by the media as the 20th century's ultimate video-game scenario, with the game receiving praise for using the Sony PlayStation's 3D graphics to provide an immersive infiltration experience. The game featured many new ideas, utilizing the controller's vibration function, as well as various secrets hidden within the game's packaging.This title was the third game released in the official history of the Metal Gear franchise.

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An epic story told in two parts: the Tanker chapter and the Plant chapter

This game depicts two different events: Solid Snake investigating a new kind of Metal Gear as part of the Tanker Incident, as well as FOXHOUND's newest member, Raiden, taking on a group of terrorists who have captured an off-shore facility in the Big Shell Incident. This game, released on the PlayStation 2, introduced players to the character of Raiden, who inherited many techniques and ideas from Solid Snake. In addition to a first-person aiming feature, players also had access to a variety of new actions, such as holding up enemies and also disposing of their bodies. It was labeled "the best gameplay system of the 21st century." An ultimate edition of the game called "Substance" was released later. This title was the fourth game released in the official history of the Metal Gear franchise.

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The origin story for the legendary solider, Big Boss

The story that tells the beginning of the epic saga. It covers the events of both Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater, detailing how the man code-named Naked Snake earned the title of Big Boss. While previous games in the Metal Gear series took place in more urban settings and involved infiltrating buildings, this game is set in an unforgiving jungle. In addition to hiding in the shadows, players can use uniforms and face paint as camouflage to blend in with their surroundings. This gameplay system was expanded upon in Metal Gear Solid 4. An edition boasting the ultimate survival experience called "Subsistence" was released later. This title was the fifth game released in the official history of the Metal Gear franchise.

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