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I sincerely hope that this interim report finds shareholders prospering and in good health.

As of October 1, 2015, the Company changed its name from KONAMI CORPORATION to KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION. Going forward, we endeavor to further raise the corporate value of the Group with KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION, the holding company, at its center, and look forward to the continued support of our shareholders.

In the entertainment market, the rapid spread of smartphones and tablet PCs has spurred a worldwide increase in users, and, as device functionality continues to evolve along with the development of information and telecommunications infrastructure, game contents continue to diversify. As new video game consoles also continue to spread at a record-setting pace in Western countries, business opportunities in the game industry are expanding.

The health and fitness industry is seeing people throughout society becoming more conscious of their health, especially senior citizens and women, who year after year have shown an increasing tendency to focus their leisure activities on improving health and physical strength. We continue to see growing health-consciousness, a preference for sports, and an interest in preventing the need for nursing care in old age.

Against this backdrop, each business within the Konami Group has been striving to reinforce management structures to meet the needs of society.

We, the Konami Group, aim to be an enterprise that will continue to keep our stakeholders always looking forward with anticipation as we create and provide our current and future customers with products and services that offer "Valuable Time." We uphold this philosophy in our corporate principles.

Going forward, we will continue to earn the trust and endeavor to meet the expectations of our stakeholders while pushing forward with strategies that enable us to work in unison to ride the cresting wave into a new age.

On behalf of the Konami Group, I ask you for your continued support and encouragement.

November 2015
Takuya Kozuki
Representative Director, President