We have conducted an interview with mechanical designer Yoji Shinkawa while viewing the already-released images, movie, setting illustrations, etc. We have obtained new information on "The 2nd Runner". We will be uploading this interview in several segments.

Director Shuyo Murata has joined from the 5th interview. A playable TRIAL EDITION of The 2nd Runner will be exhibited at Tokyo Game Show 2002. We had him speak of his views as a game planner. Reading this interview will make Tokyo Game Show even more enjoyable. Enough talk -- dive into the interview!

Segment 1
...Overall ZOE Mechanical Design
Segment 2
...Orbital Frame "Jehuty"
Segment 3
...Orbital Frame "Anubis"
Segment 4
...Orbital Frame "Nephtis"
Segment 5
...Orbital Frame "Ardjet"
Segment 6
...About LEVs
Segment 7
...Vic Viper