Interview Segment 2
Orbital Frame "Jehuty"

Jehuty is once again the Orbital Frame of the player. Please talk about Jehuty's design concept.

Shinkawa : As I said last time, we want it to be fun when you move it. Landing gears appearing when you stand on the ground, lights on the tip of the shoulders drawing afterimage lines when you move... Many PS One games towards the end of the hardware's life period made use of afterimage effects. I used that for the shoulders so that you see afterimages of the light when you DASH or spin. There is no mechanical explanation to this, but I thought this effect would look good in the game.

Shoulder light afterimage Plays a role in enhancing the speediness of Jehuty.

Super rare material!
Yoji Shinkawa school day sketches This is "Fortune" -- the original Orbital Frame.
The name Jehuty comes from Egyptian mythology, doesn't it?

Shinkawa : Someone else in the team gave this robot this name. "Anubis" is a name from my school days. I did not have Egyptian mythology in mind when I worked on the other characters, but I guess that person thought this robot had that kind of image as well.

o, the name "Anubis" came first, and this name followed via the Egyptian mythology path, right?

Shinkawa : Yes. Actually, back in my school days, Anubis' opponent mech had the name "Fortune".

..."Fortune!!" (laughs)
Did it dodge bullets?

Shinkawa : Not really.
I just took a sketch from the past, came up with background stories of "Anubis" and its nemesis "Fortune" with no manga or anything with them. I was just having fun with my imaginations.

I like the blue and orange coloring. Were there other color candidates? Why did you use these colors?

Shinkawa : I tried many color patterns and chose these that worked best. I tried red and green. I guess the colors used now are like the colors of the Ninja in MGS. Well, it's the same guy designing them.

With new moves such as grabbing enemies, new subweapons, tens of lasers, etc., Jehuty is stronger than ever. Are any of these new attacks your ideas?

Shinkawa : These are ideas of director Shuyo Murata. However, the things by the waist are things I designed as weapons for the previous game but were never used. They are called "WISP" and are like fireballs that follow you around like the OPTIONs in GRADIUS.
The missiles fired from the back seen in the movie are those that appear from the vector trap. How strong you press the button determines how many you fire. You release the button to fire.

That mech on the top page, is that Jehuty?

Shinkawa : That is ***** that became a +++.


Shinkawa : And at the end the ######## ++++s...

Um...the producer has told me to stop what Mr. Shinkawa is saying.
I guess we are forced to move onto the next topic...

Color configuration test of initial development stage of the previous game.
We have tried other configurations, but no records are left.

Ninja from MGS.
There is some sort of resemblance.

Tens of lasers and stronger subweapons add to the variety and strengths of Jehuty's actions.