Power Golf

Power Golf
  • Wii U
  • Virtual Console™
Power Golf is a golf game with simple yet realistic controls and refreshingly beautiful graphics.
Enjoy the soothing sceneries of the 18 holes as you play among the various modes of this game.
The Stroke Play mode lets you play all on your own, the Match Play mode is a one on one competition per each hole, and the Competition mode is a tournament style game.
The player can choose one from either the beginner, intermediate or advanced character types and must attempt each hole of the course concentrating on factors like the direction of the wind and the slope angle of the putting green.
The Match Play mode consists of the Normal mode as well as the Hell Match mode that allows the winner of each hole to take one of their opponent’s clubs away.
Up to three players can enter the Competition mode and it also features an exciting handicap system in which novice players can have an advantage over the better players.
Platform Wii U™Virtual Console™
Release Date
Wii U™
Wii U™
Players up to 3 players

Country Canada (English)