• Wii U
  • Virtual Console™
Double Dungeons is a smooth-scrolling 3D dungeon RPG. What sets this game apart from other RPGs is the fact that you can play simultaneously with two players.
There are a total of 22 scenarios ranging in difficulty from Level 1 to Level 6 and each scenario is independent from each other.
At any time, you can attempt any of the scenarios except for Level 6. The objective is to defeat the monsters in the dungeon to gain experience points and find the key to open the boss chamber. You’ll need to buy equipment at the shops and can even team up with your friend to join forces to beat the bosses.
Once you have cleared all 21 scenarios up to Level 5 and obtained all the passwords, you can challenge the final scenario.
Platform Wii U™Virtual Console™
Release Date
Wii U™
Wii U™
Players 2 players simultaneous

Mild Fantasy Violence

Country Canada (English)