In a world finally at peace, a looming threat falls once again…
And a new chapter in the saga begins!


When an unidentified black moon starts destroying cities in the planets of the galaxy,
mechanical superheroes known as the Bomberman Brothers rise to confront it.
Along the way, they meet Ellons, mysterious lifeforms in the ruins of a planet…


Rise again!
The 8 Bomberman Brothers!

  • White
    The eldest of the Bomberman Brothers. Hard-working and wise, justice is his passion...but his younger siblings fail to keep up with him. Nevertheless, his commitment to fighting evil is steadfast.
  • Black
    The second-eldest of the Bomberman Brothers. He's a bit of a cringey narcissist. Beneath his cool, rational facade is a guy whose true skill is making excuses.
  • Pink
    The eldest sister of the Bomberman Brothers. The epitome of happy go-lucky do-gooders, she can never say no to a person in need...or a person not in need, for that matter.
  • Blue
    The third-eldest brother of the Bomberman Brothers. He's a relaxed guy who enjoys spending most of the day in bed. Sleeping anytime, anywhere, and any length is his forte.
  • Red
    The fourth-eldest brother of the Bomberman Brothers. He's a hothead, to put it bluntly. His impulse to solve every problem with explosions is a major flaw in his thinking.
  • Yellow
    The fifth-eldest brother of the Bomberman Brothers. The chief morale officer, he's always cheerful, naive, pure, odd, and enigmatic. His brain is an endless field of flowers.
  • Aqua
    The second eldest sister in the Bomberman Brothers. She's a frail little lady, meek and kind...but only when she's not angry. When she snaps, she transforms into a full-on berserker.
  • Green
    The youngest of the Bomberman Brothers. He's everyone's cute little mascot and the most beloved of all the siblings. But it seems his innocent smile is a meticulously devious facade.
  • Ellon
    Mysterious life forms the Bomberman Brothers encounter in this story. With devices resembling aprons and pacifiers, they resemble babies. They love helping people, and as such, they selflessly aid the Bomberman Brothers.
  • Lugion
    Mysterious life forms who hinder the Bomberman Brothers' explorations. They destroy planets while secretly collecting some sort of ore. Are they at all connected with the Black Moon...?
  • Lugibon
    Annoying little buggers who attack the Bombermen's camp. The unarmed and weak Lugion become stronger by riding them. There are apparently two types; one for speed, and one for power.


What fate will befall the universe...?!
Godspeed, 8 Bomberman Brothers!
What fate will befall the universe...?!
Godspeed, 8 Bomberman Brothers!