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Sports Business

Sports Business

Offering a Wide Array of Sports-Related Services

KONAMI's Sports Business manages and operates fitness clubs and sports classes, and designs, manufactures and sells fitness machines as well as sports-related products. In addition, we provide outsourcing services, such as health and fitness advisory programs to corporate clients and regional support programs, develop sports-related products, sell licenses, as well as plan and hold a variety of sports events.
In the sports market, the national government formulated Japan's second Sports Basic Plan and is promoting initiatives designed to increase the number of people who participate in sports activities while sports itself attracts growing interest in the society as a whole. In addition, enhanced hygiene and new health services are expanding to help people engage in sports in a safe and secure manner in line with the "New Normal."
Under these circumstances, we will continue to support our customers in their pursuit of better health and quality of life by offering a multitude of services related to sports in general.

Fitness Fitness Konami offers various lessons including personal programs, studio programs and swimming pool programs.
School School We manage schools for adults, children and elderly.
Fitness Facility Development Fitness Facility Development Konami provides consulting service and develops sports clubs. We also serve outsourcing solutions for public facilities.
Corporate Health
and Fitness Services
Corporate Health and Fitness Services Konami provides corporate membership system, physical capability test and exercise guidance programs to companies, organizations and health insurance unions.
Health Promotion Program Health Promotion Program In coordination with the local government, we offer programs to prevent lifestyle related disease and programs for the elderly.
Program Development
and License Sales
Program Development and License Sales We develop programs and sell Licenses.
Event Planning and Management Event Planning and Management Konami organizes events such as tour to Honolulu Marathon and children’s camp & outdoor activity.
Product Development and Sales Product Development and Sales We develop and sale supplements and fitness equipment such as stationary bikes.
Online ShopOnline Shop Sports related items are sold online.

Three Types of Fitness Club Branding

KONAMI offers an environment that enables everyone to enjoy sports in their daily lives in an easy and accessible manner through its three fitness club brands: "Konami Sports Club," "XAX" and "GRANCISE."

A Sports Club You Can Call Home
Konami Sports Club facilities offer an array of services and programs nationwide that both children and adults can enjoy, with membership plans that suit your lifestyle.
A Comfortable Space to Work Out Your Mind and Body
XAX facilities offer popular programs and comfortable fitness environment in compact space by specializing in machine and studio workout.
The Best Possible Time in the Best Possible Location, So You Can Continue to Be the Best Possible You

With high-grade facilities and hospitality comparable to luxury hotels, GRANCISE facilities offer the most effective training environment for customers so that they can continue to be in the best condition both physically and mentally.

Supporting Your Healthier Lifestyle
with a Focus on Sustainable Fitness

Konami Sports Club offers "Monthly Plan" and "One Time Plan" as pricing plans to enjoy our facility.
"Monthly Plan" allows for our customers to choose the frequency and facility that fits their lifestyle. In addition, we have pricing plans shaped for new commers and different age groups.
"One Time Plan" requires the customer to pay for each visit to the facility but allows to cut over-pay and sustainably train at its own pace.
Konami will continue to develop services to meet the various needs of our customers and have them sustainably engage in fitness.

Monthly Plan
Select from 4 Pricing Plans Based on Usage Frequency Nationwide Facilities, Divided into 4 Categories
The higher category, the more facilities available
Other Monthly Plans
Membership Promotion Plan We offer "Membership Promotion Plan" to our new commers by providing training tips, consultation and effectiveness check. U-39 "U-39 Plan" is a pricing plan exclusively offered to those aged from 10 to 39 that allow unlimited use of our facilities
from 5PM on weekdays and all day on weekends.
ゆとりすとの選択Days "Days" is a pricing plan offered exclusively to those in their 60s that allow usage of the facility during day time on weekdays.

Offering Various Sports Classes
for All Ages from Infants to Seniors

At Konami Sports Club facilities, we offer various types of sports classes for all ages from infants to seniors, by drawing on our expertise amassed over decades of sports instruction and system for visualizing the process of improvement.
We have recently enhanced our lessens by launching Small-Group Swimming Schools, Table Tennis School, and Trampoline School.
In gymnastics and swimming, we offer incremental lessons to meet each goal, ranging from beginners and children who would like to develop their skills, to those who aspire to be a top-level athlete competing in the world arena.

Focusing on Sports Promotion
and Activities

Since we established our in-house sports team, we have created an environment that enables team members to train for and participate in sports events while holding a job.
This support has now produced athletes from the Konami Sports Gymnastics and Swimming Teams who compete successfully at world events, and we continue to help them improve. Our athletes also take part in various events held at Konami Sports Club facilities around Japan, including exercise classes, swimming competitions and others, with the goal of conveying the fun and joy of sports to everyone.
In addition to such activities, we strive to promote sports, and foster greater interest and participation in competitive sports through events, such as the "KONAMI OPEN Competitive Swim Meet," a leading national swim meet that allows swimmers of all ages—from elementary school children to athletes who represent Japan on the world stage—to compete at the same venue.

Supporting Workout
while Staying Home

As a means to resolve lack of exercise and create fun at home, Konami Sports Club has offered original fitness contents on its website since 2015, with the series viewed approximately 12million times(*).
(*) Note: Stats as of August 2020 from YouTube.
In addition to "Konami Method," the existing easy to learn workout content based on Konami's many years of exercise and teaching know-how, we have started to offer easy exercise that can be done at home as well as tips on practicing soccer, dance and golf. These home fitness contents allow individuals and families to move their bodies easily at home. We will continue to support efforts to improve physical and mental health by providing services and contents that can be enjoyed by broad age groups.

Accepting the Outsourcing
of School Swimming Lessons

While local communities and schools face the issue of maintaining its swimming pool facility and tackle in improving the working environment for their staff and teachers, we have started to accept the outsourcing of school swimming lessons to support resolve these issues.
Konami works to develop children's mind and body at its nationwide Konami Sports Clubs with its operating system that puts safety first and instructors with specialized knowledge. These assets, including high-quality instruction program and operation system to ensure safety, allow us to provide packages ranging from simply renting out our swimming pool facility for a set time to extensive swimming instruction, depending on the needs of each school.

Various Sports-Related Products
for Proper Exercise and Healthy Living

As a company engaged in health promotion, KONAMI has designed, manufactured and sold fitness machines and sports-related products by leveraging its accumulated knowledge and experience.
We strive to expand our lineup of products and enhance services of our online shop to help a greater number of customers to achieve proper exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

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