Recruitment of Foreign Employees and Cultivating a Globalized Workforce

Recritmuent of Foreign Employees and International Workplace Environment

Overseas, the Konami Group participates in college-level job seminars, recruiting students from a range of countries and disciplines. Additionally, the Group's attendance at conventions and other exhibitions abroad allows us to meet experienced applicants ready to face today's global challenges. The number of foreign employees hired through these and other means is increasing year by year, accelerating the development of the Group's global strategy.
KONAMI is also committed to making it easier for foreign employees to work in Japan through its approach to the work environment. These steps include holding regular interviews with employees through the personnel department to further job duty understanding, and offering a counseling service for non-work related matters. These conversations are also an opportunity to help the employee develop his or her own career path.

Recruitment at an overseas event

Cultivating a Globalized Workforce

The Konami Group is engaged in creating a workforce capable of operating on the global stage through language learning support, training courses, and sending employees on overseas work assignments.
We provide learning support in partnership with various language schools, and arrange for employees to take the TOEIC test on-site on a regular basis.
The Group also gives members of its workforce who have demonstrated a solid language skills foundation the ability to further develop their linguistic talents.
In addition, we have long helped our employees experience work environments around the globe by allowing young, mid-level, and executive staff members alike, the opportunity to work abroad for fixed periods.