Konami Sports Certified as "Tokyo Sports Promotion Company" for Eight Consecutive Years
Recognized for Promoting Sports by Utilizing its Knowledge in Exercise and Health

Konami Sports Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Konami Sports) has been certified as "Tokyo Sports Promotion Company" for promoting sports by utilizing its exercise and health knowledge in areas such as exercise instruction at schools and health promotion activities in cooperation with the local governments. The recognition marks the eighth consecutive year since the launch of this annual certification.

■ Konami Sports' Major Initiatives on Promoting Sports

Exercise Instruction at Schools

As a mean to resolve issues surrounding schools, such as improving working environment for teachers and maintaining swimming pool facilities, Konami Sports dispatches instructors and rents its facilities for school swimming classes and club activities.

Supporting Instruction of School Club Activities

Supporting School Swimming Classes

Health Promotion Activities in Cooperation with Local Governments

At sport facilities where Konami Sports is outsourced of its operation, we implement events, exercise lessons and programs to promote health with the goal to support the wellbeing of the residents. In 2022, Konami Sports staff with professional qualifications, such as Nutritionists and Health and Exercise Instructors, held diabetes prevention classes that includes both lectures and exercise guidance. Exercise classes for elderly, utilizing items such as "Kendama (traditional Japanese skill toy)," aiming to improve physical function were also held.

Edogawa Lively Longevity Project

Sports Engagement Promotion amongst Employees

We create a working environment where each employee can contribute to their health by encouraging Konami Group employees and its families to use Konami Sports' facilities.

Konami Sports will continue to engage in the promotion of sports and provide exercise instruction, health and wellness support to a variety of demographics.