Supporting Preventive Care

Konami Sports Co., Ltd. is commissioned by municipal authorities nationwide to conduct its "Building a Foundation for Fitness" preventive care program for the elderly to help people remain active into their golden years.

This effective program combines nutritional improvement and oral cavity exercises with motor function exercises, a particular area of expertise for Konami Sports Co., Ltd.
The program is administered both at municipal and Konami facilities. Classes are taught by instructors holding a special Konami license (elderly fitness instructor) for teaching the elderly.
Their training consists of wearing an "elderly restraint kit" to give them an idea of the physical limitations that come with advanced age, and also covers preventive care strategies, ways of responding to and supporting the elderly, safety considerations, risk management, and other information.

The program is overseen by a dedicated in-house team of physiotherapists, nurses, nutritionists, and personal trainers who work closely with each facility to ensure safety and a high level of care, with districts and participants all over the country who can attest to its success.