Konami Sports Certified as "Tokyo Sports Promotion Company" for Seven Consecutive Years
Recognized for Supporting Community Health and Athlete Development with its Sports Instruction Expertise

Konami Sports Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Konami Sports) has been certified as "Tokyo Sports Promotion Company" for supporting community health and athlete development with its sports instruction expertise. This recognition marks the seventh consecutive year since the launch of this annual certification.

■ Konami Sports' Major Initiatives on Promoting Sports

Provision of Community Support Services in Cooperation with Local Governments

Utilizing our experience in exercise facilities, including "Konami Sports Club," we work with local governments to manage local sports facilities and provide exercise classes and programs that help residents improve their health and well-being. From November 2021, we have started to support instruction of school club activities as part of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)'s FY2021 "Learning Innovation" demonstration project.

Supporting Instruction of School Club Activities

Health Promotion and Sports Promotion Measures under COVID-19

As a measure to promote health and sports during quarantine, we opened-up our facilities to the public for sports events and held nursing care prevention courses online.

Conducting SDGs Sport "Plogging"

We encourage our employees to participate in the SDGs sport "Plogging," which involves jogging while picking up trash and other cleanup activities, and provide opportunities for them to engage in exercise along with local cleanup activities.

"Plogging" Activity

Athlete Development

Since establishing our in-house sports teams (Gymnastics and Swimming), we have strived to provide not only training facilities, but also an environment where our athletes can balance work and sports events, with the goal of nurturing athletes that can compete on the world stage. Our team members participated in the international competition held in Tokyo in August 2021 and have made records in various competitions. Furthermore, they have made efforts to foster greater interest and participation in sports through participating in various activities offered at Konami Sports Club facilities and giving off-site lectures.

Swimming Team Athlete Yukino Miyasaka

Konami Sports will continue to engage in the promotion of sports through providing accessible exercise opportunities to the public, as well as training and supporting world class athletes.