Konami Sports Participates in "Japan-multimodal intervention Trial for prevention of dementia (J-MINT)" in the Field of Exercise Instruction

Konami Sports will take part in the "Japan-multimodal intervention Trial for prevention of dementia (J-MINT)" (hereafter this "Research") in the field of exercise instruction, which is part of the "Project for Establishing a Public-Private Joint Demonstration Platform for Dementia Countermeasures in FY 2019" conducted by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development.

This Research will be conducted by the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology (hereafter "NCGG") that was selected to serve as a representative institution, following an open call for the "Project for Establishing a Public-Private Joint Demonstration Platform for Dementia Countermeasures in FY 2019" Konami Sports will collaborate with Sompo Holdings, Inc. (hereafter "Sompo Holdings") that will serve as a cooperative institution for this Research.

[ Objective of This Research ]

This Research aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a dementia prevention program in suppressing cognitive decline based on randomized controlled trials. The dementia prevention program targets the elderly at high risk for dementia at the start of the trials, and is implemented through a combination of interventions, such as management of lifestyle diseases, exercise and nutrition, and cognitive function training.

[ Our Role ]

With the goal of preventing frailty (a condition of lowered vitality in body and mind resulting from aging) and cognitive decline, Konami Sports, under the supervision of the Sompo Holdings Group, will leverage its expertise in exercise instruction and provide instruction on a combined exercise program that includes the following elements.

  • Cognicise*
  • Aerobic exercise, including aerobics and step exercise
  • Resistance training using the individual's own weight
  • Group meetings for behavior modification
  • "Cognicise," a combination of the words "cognition" and "exercise" developed by NCGG, is an initiative aiming to prevent dementia through exercise and cognitive tasks (e.g. calculation, Japanese word game "Shiritori").
Japan-multimodal intervention Trial for prevention of dementia (J-MINT)
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Konami Sports has developed and provided an array of services for the elderly, by drawing on its expertise amassed over a decade of health management services. In particular, at the OyZ exercise program for seniors, which is introduced as an advanced example in the "Examples of services not covered by public long-term care insurance toward construction of the community-based integrated care system" jointly published by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, we offer safe and effective programs supervised by physical therapists and fitness trainers, which have received favorable reviews from participants.
Konami Sports will strive to contribute to solving various issues in society, by leveraging its unique knowledge of exercise instruction as a leading company in the industry.