OyZ: "Exercise for Over 60s"

In response to an aging baby boomer population and the growing need for preventive care, Konami Sports Club introduces OyZ, a collection of fitness programs aimed at healthy senior citizens.

The goal of OyZ is to help the elderly to regain some of the vitality from their younger days and get greater enjoyment out of life. As part of the OyZ program, Konami Sports Club offers a class program called "Exercise for Over 60s."

Incorporating a method developed by Konami that uses ultrasonic and muscular measurements to provide a more accurate assessment of physical fitness, these classes are designed to reverse atrophy in the legs, ease the various aches and pains that come with aging, and relieve stress, all through exercise that can be reasonably expected of those aged 60 and older. The result is an exercise program that increases strength in the legs as well as the trunk (the shoulders to the hips), two key areas of the elderly physique.

Konami Sports Club will add other OyZ programs in the future, helping the elderly not only maintain but also improve their health, and enjoy many more active years to come.