In Harmony with Employees

Efforts to support child rearing

Helping balance work and family life

The Konami Group has expanded our childcare support system as well as other programs in our commitment to enabling all of our employees to balance work and family life.
The Konami Group provides the employees with the opportunities to learn about the company's childcare support system. We hold sessions to explain the system and give some example cases in which the system was implemented. We have also had a number of discussion sessions where employees meet and talk about how they handle childcare while working.
The Konami Group will continue to promote an environment that allows individuals to exercise independent and otherwise diverse work approaches.

Earning "Kurumin" certification

In March 2011, Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. received the "Next-Generation Certification Mark" (known as "Kurumin") after implementing the steps outlined in the "General Business Owner Action Plan," a measure based on the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare's Supporting the Development of the Next Generation Law.
Beyond this, the Konami Group as a whole is active in advancing initiatives that support the growth of the next generation of citizens.

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