Privacy Policy

There are cases that this website asks for personal information such as user's name or e-mail address to improve and enrich the service.

Konami uses the collected personal information only for the purpose of improving this website service. If any necessity arises to use personal information beyond the scope of above-mentioned purpose, Konami shall notify of the new purpose prior to use the information. Konami shall not use customer's personal information for the new purpose if the customer refuses use of personal information for the new purpose.

In principal, Konami shall not provide personal information to the third parties unless it has been agreed beforehand. However there are exceptions as follows. The case that information will be disclosed to the necessary extent to allying, consigning and affiliating companies with which Konami has signed confidential agreements, the case that the company is requested of disclosure based on the laws and the case that judiciary or governmental authority requests to disclose information. Also there might be the case that personal information will be offered to the third parties as data, after statistically processed to prevent identification of individual name.

As speedy as possible reaction shall be taken when the customer wishes to inquire about or modify or delete his or her personal information.