About SP (Selection Points) 

SP (Selection Points) are awarded to players based on the results they achieve and are used to decide the rankings. 

  • Ranking Method  The Top 10 of your SP gained in a single game will be added up to determine your ranking. The Top 10 will be updated each time you play a game and score a higher amount of points than already recorded in your Top 10. (Rankings may change after the tournament ends if any instances of unfair play are discovered.) 

  • Bonus Types Bonuses will be added to your SP gained based on PR value, the difference with the opponent's PR, and your number of consecutive victories. 

  • About Forfeiting If a player selects "Forfeit" or disconnects due to an error, no SP will be awarded to them for that game. 

  • About Unfair Play, etc.  We may remove players from the tournament rankings or invalidate game results if any of the following actions are performed: utilizing game exploits/bugs, aggravating an opponent, excessive forfeiting or disconnecting, acts that are judged to impede the running of the tournament (instances of extremely high scoring and one-sided games will be investigated and a judgment made), and so on. 

Game Evaluation Points

Single  Advanced to 1st base by getting a hit. 
Double  Advanced to 2nd base by getting a hit. 
Triple  Advanced to 3rd base by getting a hit. 
Home Run  Struck a home run. 
Walks  A hit by pitch or walk occurs. 
Sac Hit  Made a successful sacrifice bunt. 
Sac Fly  Made a successful sacrifice fly. 
Steal Base  Successfully stole a base. 
Runs Batted In  Achieved a run batted in. 
Strikeout  Achieved a strikeout. 
Double Play  Got 2 outs in a single play. 
No Runs  Ended 1 inning without allowing any runs. 
Runs Allowed  Minus points are given for any runs allowed. 
Win  Ended in a win. 
Tie  Ended in a tie. 
Bonus Types 
PR Value  Bonuses increase the higher your PR value is. 
PR Difference  If the opponent has higher PR, your bonuses increase the greater the difference is. 
If the opponent has lower PR, your bonuses decrease the greater the difference is. 
Winning Streak  Bonuses increase as you win more games in a row. (Winning 11+ gives the same bonus as 10.)