Olympic Esports Series 2023 Tournament Overview

Olympic Esports Series

Following 2021's Olympic Virtual Series, this is the second virtual sports tournament that will be held by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and in collaboration with International Federations (IF). "WBSC eBASEBALL™: POWER PROS" will be used in this year's baseball event, and since it has now been released in even more countries, the scale of the tournament will be increased.

The finals will be held in Singapore from 22 (Thu) to 25 (Sun) June in the Suntec Centre.

Olympic Esports Series 2023 Baseball Event Tournament Overview

The qualifiers for this tournament will be divided into the "Japan Qualifier" for players who reside in Japan and the "Global Qualifier" for players who reside outside of Japan.
For Japan Qualifier, the finalists that will be qualified to participate in the finals of Olympic Esports Series 2023 will be determined in the offline competition consisting of the top 16 winners of the online competitions.
For Global Qualifiers, two online competitions will be held and the top ranked players from each competition will be qualified to participate in the finals of Olympic Esports Series 2023.

Japan Qualifier Global Qualifier
Online Qualifier 1st March 13 (Mon) to March 19 (Sun), 2023  March 27 (Mon) to April 2 (Sun), 2023
2nd April 17 (Mon) to April 23 (Sun), 2023
Offline Qualifier April 8 (Sat), 2023 
Finals June 22 (Thu) to June 25 (Sun), 2023, Singapore

※Schedules are subject to change.

Number of players qualifying
Japan Qualifier Online Round : 16 players total. 8 for PS4®, 8 for Nintendo Switch™. 
Japan Qualifier Final: The top 4 out of the 16 players above will qualify. 
Global Online Qualifier: 4 players in total - Respective player who ranks the 1st place in the PS4® ranking and Nintendo Switch™ ranking from 2 online competitions
Other 1 player

The Finals will include 10 players - 9 from across the different qualifiers, plus the winner of the last tournament.

Platform(s) to be used
Online Qualifiers: PS4®, Nintendo Switch™
Japan Qualifier Final: Nintendo Switch™
Olympic Esports Finals: Nintendo Switch™
Entry Requirements
Japan Qualifier/ Global Qualifier: Born on or before April 1, 2008 
Olympic Esports Finals 2023: At least 16 years old on June 22, 2023
Entry Cost
(Any costs incurred (such as internet data fees) are to be paid by participants.) 
Japan Qualifier/Global Qualifier: Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. 
Olympic Esports Finals 2023: IOC - International Olympic Committee 


PlayStation®4 Rankings
Nintendo Switch™ Rankings

The rankings for the Online Qualifiers will be determined by SP (Selection Points). 

Your points will be calculated by adding up the 10 games in the tournament in which you gained the most SP. 
Only one account per person is allowed to participate in the ranking for PS4 and Switch. Multiple entries for the same platform are not allowed. Also, it is not possible to receive multiple entry rights to participate in the next round.

Japan Qualifier Final 

Final qualifier tournament for the Olympic Esports Finals 2023 to be competed by 16 qualifying players from the Japan Qualifier Online Round. Who will win the ticket to Singapore? Watch the game to find out!

Saturday April 8, 2023
esports Ginza studio
Livestream Date and time
The Livestream starts on April 8 (Sat), 2023 19:30(JST)
We will be livestreaming the last 4 games of the qualifier matches; to be competed by the 8 players who come out on top in the group stage.
Final Results
Daylami,TAIJYU,fujito,antimon will advance to the Olympic Esports Finals 2023!
Final Results
Group Stage Results
◎Group A: Daylami & antimon advanced to the knockout stage.
pome Daylami MessiHARA antimon Points Run Differential Run Scored
pome 5-12 4-0 0-1 3 -4 9
Daylami 12-5 2-6 6-5 6 4 20
MessiHARA 0-4 6-2 1-4 3 -3 7
antimon 1-0 5-6 4-1 6 3 10
◎Group B: TAIJYU & fujito advanced to the knockout stage.
TAIJYU HAJI_ fujito Fusacape Points Run Differential Run Scored
TAIJYU 2-1 4-3 1-0 9 3 7
HAJI_ 1-2 7-8 0-1 0 -3 8
fujito 3-4 8-7 1-0 6 1 12
Fusacape 0-1 1-0 0-1 3 -1 1
◎Group C: HideNagatomo & DOLLS advanced to the knockout stage.
DOLLS HideNagatomo kuya SEKAIno556 Points Run Differential Run Scored
DOLLS 7-14 10-0 3-2 6 4 20
Hide Nagatomo 14-7 0-6 5-0 6 6 19
kuya 0-10 6-0 0-4 3 -8 6
SEKAIno556 2-3 0-5 4-0 3 -2 6
◎Group D: KSK & Ryu advanced to the knockout stage.
OKUDE Ryu KSK Araking Points Run Differential Run Scored
OKUDE 0-1 0-3 3-4 0 -5 3
Ryu 1-0 0-3 8-7 6 -1 9
KSK 3-0 3-0 3-2 9 7 9
Araking 4-3 7-8 2-3 3 -1 13
Knockout Stage Results
  • Group A 1st Place
    Daylami 5-3Group C 2nd Place
  • Group B 1st Place
    TAIJYU 2-1Group D 2nd Place
  • Group C 1st Place
    HideNagatomo 1-6Group B 2nd Place
  • Group D 1st Place
    KSK 2-3Group A 2nd Place
Participating Players
Group A Group B
  • Switch 7th Place
  • HAJI_
  • Twitter@hajikyo
Group C Group D
Cast Members
  • Yuji Kondo
    Commentator Yuji Kondo
  • G. G. Sato
 (ex-Pro Baseball Player)
    Analyst G. G. Sato
    (ex-Pro Baseball Player)
  • Ichiro Tanaka
    Game Commentator Ichiro Tanaka
Tournament Regulations
The tournament will consist of the group stage and the playoff.
The 16 participants from across the Switch and PS4 versions will be split into 4 groups of 4 players each, based on their results in the qualifiers, and will play games in a round-robin format.
The top 2 players from each group will advance to the next stage, where the qualifiers will be decided.
Each match will be played according to the following match combinations. The 4 winners of those matches will advance to the Olympic Esports Finals 2023.
  • Group A Winner - Group C Runner-Up
  • Group B Winner - Group D Runner-Up
  • Group C Winner - Group B Runner-Up
  • Group D Winner - Group A Runner-Up

See below for more regulation details.

Olympic Esports Series 2023 Final

Livestream Date and time
The Livestream starts on June 24 (Sat), 2023 12:45(JST)
Final Results


Final Results
Group Stage Results
◎Group A: SHORA (1st Place)& TAIJYU (2nd Place) advanced to the finals.
※2nd place was decided by TQB as the number of wins and losses were equal.
SHORA TAIJYU fujito antimon Daylami W-L
SHORA 4-1 0-2 2-0 5-1 3-1
TAIJYU 1-4 0-2 4-0 2-1 2-2
fujito 2-0 2-0 1-3 0-1 2-2
antimon 0-2 0-4 3-1 6-5 2-2
Daylami 1-5 1-2 1-0 5-6 1-3
◎Group B: CMWANG (1st Place)& KangGang (2nd Place) advanced to the finals.
CMWANG KangGang Hazuremon DoubleBass Woonie W-L
CMWANG 7-0 0-1 2-1 6-0 3-1
KangGang 0-7 1-0 3-2 2-0 3-1
Hazuremon 1-0 0-1 1-0 0-1 2-2
DoubleBass 1-2 2-3 0-1 1-0 1-3
Woonie 0-6 0-2 1-0 0-1 1-3
Tournament Regulations