Raise in Base-salary by an Average of 50,000JPY/Month, 600,000JPY/Year
and Increase in Starting Salary for New Graduates to 290,000JPY/Month
to Improve Employee Engagement

October 20, 2022 15:00


Konami Group will raise its Japan domestic group companies' regular employees' average monthly base-salary by 50,000JPY, starting March 2023. This measure will significantly increase the ratio of base-salary to annual income, with the aim to improve employee engagement by stabilizing the income of employees.
In addition, the initial base-salary for new recruits will be 290,000JPY, a substantial increase from the current starting salary of 240,000JPY.
Konami Group's compensation is composed of base-salary, bonuses and incentives (monetary awards and distributions based on contribution).

Konami Group also strengthens "Health and Productivity Management," which aims to create a healthy and vibrant workplace for employees and have created a workplace that enables each employee to maximize their talent and grow together with the company. These efforts have brought us to be certified as an "Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization 2022 (White 500)" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Nippon Kenko Kaigi, an association consisting of leaders in the business & medical sector and local municipalities, for 6 consecutive years.

The raise in base-salary shall enable us to improve employee treatment and attract more talented human resources. In addition, we will increase employee motivation and performance through placing further emphasis in "Health and Productivity Management."

This coming March 2023, Konami Group will mark its 50th anniversary since its establishment. We will continue to promote management emphasizing in human capital to achieve sustainable growth.


: March 2023
Applies to
: Japan domestic group companies' regular employees
  • Salary
      Current Status From March 2023 Increase Amount
    (Increase Rate)
    Starting Salary for New Graduate
    (College Graduates)
    240,000JPY/Month 290,000JPY/Month +50,000JPY/Month (21%)
    Other Regular Employees - - Average+50,000JPY/Month (15%)
    *Not applicable to some Japan domestic group companies/job classification.
    *The above amount includes various allowances/ Commuting allowance, overtime allowance, etc. are also paid separately.

  • Konami Group Health and Productivity Management:Our Approach to Health and Productivity Management│KONAMI GROUP CORPORATION
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