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KONAMI has 40 years of successful history of delivering entertainment to the world.
We continue entertaining the world with our unique products using our technologies, new ideas, and creators' passion by aiming to meet the society's changing needs.
If you have a passion in making not only games but also "entertainment", KONAMI will be the perfect place to be.

Over the years, our experiences
in the indusry have been passed
on to generations.
Such experiences have been
accumulated to create technologies
and knowledge.

Our goal is to make
entertainments that are
never seen before.
We carry out new challenges
and ideas for every product
we produce.

Sometimes it can be challenging to
create entertainment.
We have overcome difficulties
as a team of creators with
the skills and passion.

Living and working abroad can be very challenging. We offer various supports & benefits to global talents to have a "smooth landing" and a great working experience in Japan

Relocation Packages

Family relocation
Our relocation package covers a relocation support for your family, i.e. a spouse and children. Their flights & moving costs are also covered by company.

Visa support
Company provides supports to obtain a working visa as well as dependent visas.

Home FindingAssisstance
Company assigns a bi-lingual real estate agency to support you on finding a new home in Japan. Temporary housing is also provided while searching for a new home.

Movement ofhousehold goods
Company covers the moving costs of household goods both by sea and air.

Japanese Lesson
Japanese lessons with professional trainers are provided for upto 3months. Lessons are 5 days a week before lunch, so the employees can come to the work after the lessons.


Health Insurance
We offer a very reliable health insurance to all KONAMI employees and their dependants. The insurance covers 70% of medical expenses. Dental & vision care are also covered by the insurance.


Profit ShareIncentive
Depending on a title's profit, the studio that worked on the title will receive "Profit Share Incentive". This will be allocated to the staff members.

CompanyDescretional Bonus
"Company Descretional Bonus" is based on business performances of KONAMI and employees in each fiscal year.This bonus will be paid to employees twice a year in summer and winter.