As one of the industry’s leading player tracking systems, KONAMI’s SYNKROS is best known for its reliability, marketing tools, and robust data. KONAMI has been in the casino systems business since 2001, and today our core technology supports nearly 400 venues of various sizes. SYNKROS reaches a wide range of property types—everything from large destination properties, to cruise ships, to local casino stops, and entire multi-property portfolios. Konami’s SYNKROS casino management system empowers operators to capture and compile data through all connected areas of the property—gaming and non-gaming—in order to generate a 360-degree patron view.


SYNKROS’ best-in-class marketing toolkit is focused on driving new player acquisition, re-acquisition, retention, and increased ‘per visit spend’ strategies through traditional offers as well as unique rules-based bonusing. Unique tools spanning real-time bonusing to on-demand tournaments help deliver a new competitive edge to your property in the market and keep players wanting more.


From Ticket-In-Ticket-Out (TITO) to Patron Tracking, SYNKROS supports the tools necessary for smooth slot game operations and growth. Leading advances and features built for continued optimization and performance keep players connected with the conveniences they enjoy and loyalty benefits they expect, all with comprehensive administrative analytics and control.


SYNKROS’ integrated Table Management module has been designed to handle the most discerning of table games requirements at a price that is the best value in the industry. From simple fill and credit requests to managing a large 24-hour operation with staggered table rolling times, SYNKROS drives efficiencies within table game operations.

Cage, Credit & Vault

SYNKROS’ Cage, Credit & Vault Module is a fully-integrated module that allows casinos to control their cash, chip, check, credit and vault operations. Offering comprehensive monitoring, processing and accountability, the Cage Credit & Vault module can also handle advanced cash desk functions such as foreign currency exchanges with variable buy and sell rates, jackpot processing, and patron credit limits.


SYNKROS Business Intelligence offers a complete set of business intelligence tools that provide detailed reports and visual analytics to better serve ongoing analysis of the entire casino enterprise. SYNKROS Business Intelligence provides a true 360-degree view of the patrons and the business. The end result – the ability to make informed business decisions that directly impact casino revenue, operational efficiencies, and customers’ experiences.