Z.O.E staff interview: Part 3 - Yoji Shinkawa Mechanical designer
Part 3 of the Z.O.E development team member interviews is Mr. Yoji Shinkawa - Mechanical designer.

: Could you please comment on the orbital frames as the designer? (concepts, design differences from MGS2, etc.)

Not only shall the designs look cool as they are, but they are creations based on my thinking regarding how they are controlled by the player, how they should react, and what kinds of actions they should exhibit in the game. For example, the nozzles on the back that correspond in motion to the speed and direction, blood vessel-like lines that change in color expressing their conditions, the cool-looking and easy-to-read ring radar.
Also are more minute things such as the skate-like landing gear coming out when sliding on flat surfaces, the arms stretching when slashing the enemy, the chest frame sliding along to the motion of the shoulders. And when in high speed motion Jehuty takes on the flying form.
When doing so the arms are spread, the wings pop up, and the cockpit becomes erect. I did think of wild transformations, but what I did ended up being more eye-catching and cool-looking. Simply flying around and skating on surfaces without fighting the enemy is very enjoyable.

: What was your impression when you saw orbital frames actually moving in the DVD animation?

In order to match up the world of the animation with the game, I submitted a conceptual design of IDOLO -- the orbital frame of the main character.
I had Sunrise take care of cleaning up the design. I was really impressed to see my own design move in animation. The final battle seen is really awesome.

: Could you leave a message for those fans who cannot wait for the release of Z.O.E.?

Z.O.E. is a game in which you can experience action that is truly PS2.
The controls are simple and intuitive. I really want those people who are not good at action games to play Z.O.E.

Z.O.E Opening Movie
We are showing the opening movie of Z.O.E on the web. The footage from the game and movie scenes with the opening theme song as the background music is loaded with valuable information.

The story evolving around orbital frame "Jehuty" at "Antilia" - Jupiter's space colony and the end of this world, the struggles and maturing of Leo Stenbuck who had no choice but to get on Jehuty, the visually impressive but rigorous battles of the orbital frames…

If you take a look at this opening movie containing everything that Z.O.E presents, your expectations for Z.O.E are guaranteed to reach a peak. You can download this as a file for you to save and watch any time.

>> Z.O.E OPENING MOVIE@(Windows Media Player / 4.34MB)

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