Ver.1.1.0 update


  • 9/9/2022

    News: New dungeon "Flame Ruins" is here! (Ver.1.1.0 update)

    "Flame Ruins" the fifth dungeon, offers a variety of puzzle challenges, including boss battles, in more than 20 stages!
    In addition, we have added a new collectible item "Records" and a login bonus "Potted Plant".
    We hope you keep enjoying "Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins"!

A true puzzle adventure!

Manipulate the terrain and guide Frogger through the ruins!

Collect game music of classic titles! Collect game music of classic titles!

Music “Records” from retro KONAMI games are coming to the in-game store. Players can collect and play tracks to use as background music while they explore the different dungeons and solve mysterious puzzles.

A beautiful A beautiful

Watch the "potted plant" grow together with Frogger & friends and get a login bonus. See what kind of fruit it bears in a week's time!



A frog adventurer. He investigates sites around the world to uncover the mysteries of the "Ancient Salientians."



A lost fairy (?) that Frogger encountered. Has the mysterious power to move ruins.


A newt merchant. He known by customers for his silver tongue but uses his information network to support you in your adventures.



"Yo Frogger, I've got some interestin' information for ya!"―Frog adventurer 'Frogger' hears a rumor from his buddy 'Newt' about a treasure of an ancient frog tribe, hidden in distant ruins.

At the same time, an alarming number of froglets are disappearing around the world...

When Frogger sets out to investigate, he meets 'Axol,' a lost fairie (?) with mysterious powers.

Treasures in the ruins, stone tablets, the disappearing froglets and who is Axol's mom...? The only one who can get to the bottom of it all is Frogger!

A great adventure that spans fourfifth dungeons!

  • Jungle Ruins

    The Jungle Ruins where sacrifices are rumored to have been made.
    Puzzles with terrain that slides vertically or horizontally.

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  • Desert Ruins

    The Desert Ruins that are said to have served as a refuge for frogs from an overflowing river.
    Puzzles with terrain that rotates vertically or horizontally.

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  • Logic Ruins

    The Castle Ruins where the royal family once lived and where witches now reside.
    Puzzles with rolling boulders and other physical objects.

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  • Underwater ruins reminiscent of a legendary ancient city at the bottom of the sea.
    Puzzles using the flow of water and changing water levels.

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  • An ancient industrial city hidden deep underground, closed off by snow.
    A puzzle with intrusive terrain and gas flow.

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