Mobile Game “Jikkyou Powerful Soccer”
In Traditional Chinese!


Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. is thrilled to announce it is partnering with Hong Kong publisher Boltrend Games to release a traditional Chinese version of mobile game “Jikkyou Powerful Soccer” (Chinese: 實況力量足球).

“Jikkyou Powerful Soccer” is a soccer game in which users train their team’s players. First released in Japan in 2016, it has been downloaded over 10,000,000 times to date. A closed beta test of this new version is scheduled to take place this June.

Konami Digital Entertainment will continue to create fun and exciting soccer games for fans of the sport around the world.

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Product Information

Title 實況力量足球 (Japanese: Jikkyou Powerful Soccer)
Genre Soccer, Training
Platforms iOS, Android
Price Free to play (in-app purchases available)
Copyright ©Konami Digital Entertainment
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About Boltrend Games

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