Introducing new battle mode: Castle!
You can also custom-build your stages!

Let the battle over keys and treasure chests commence!

Castle is a battle mode where a maximum of 16 players are divided into two teams: the Attack Side (offense) and the Castle Side (defense). Teams fight over the keys and treasure chests placed in the stage. You can also use the editor to custom-build your own stages.

The Attack Side

Collect keys and aim for the treasure chests at the goal!


The Castle Side

Guard the treasure chests until the clock runs out! If even just one treasure chest is protected, you win!



The Attack Side

Find the keys in the stage to get the treasure chests protected by the Castle Side. Obtain treasure chests by touching them while holding a key.

The Castle Side

Defend the treasure chests from the Attack side until the clock runs out. You can use Gimmicks and Ellons in the stage as well as weapons to ward off the Attack side.

Players on the Castle (defense) side can choose one of three types of weapons to take into battle.
Meet the required conditions during battle to charge the weapons gauge. When it's fully-charged, the player can use weapons.

Build and upload original stages!

Use the Stage Editor to custom-build your own Castle stages. With templates to choose from and random setup, building a stage is easy for everyone.
Place surprise-Gimmicks and obstructing walls to build a stage that's uniquely-you!
After you've cleared your built stage in a test, you can upload it and share it with players all over the world. Add tags to make it easier to discover.
You can also search for and download stages built by other players!