Bug fix patch (ver. 2.2) released September 19, 2018

A new battle rule "Civilians" has been added to the Grand Prix mode.

Three Castlevania stages have been added where the new "Civilians" rule can be enjoyed.

New characters are available in the shop.

  • Alucard Bomber
  • Mimi Bomber
  • Nyami Bomber
  • Upa Bomber
  • Caesar Bomber

New accessories have been added.

  • pop'n music
  • Polyhedron
  • Boat


The special abilities of the following characters have been adjusted.

  • Bill Bomber: Firing speed of special ability is downgraded from 0.11 secs to 0.18 secs per tile.
  • Raiden Bomber: Reduced vulnerability after a succesfull special ability attack from 0.6 seconds to 0.3 seconds
  • Max: Added the special ability 'Plasma Bomb'. All abilities in 'Grand Prix' are also adjusted.
  • The Five Dastardly Bombers: Special ability bombs, has the effect of accelerating/decelerating explosion countdowns depending on skulls, illnesses, etc.

Added 'Random' stage selection

Item locations in all Grand Prix stages have been adjusted

Various other small bugs have been fixed.

Update Release 6/ 27/2018 (ver.2.1) - Contents as below:

The Grand Prix mode now has the new ""Checkpoints"" rule.

3 types of Metal Gear stages have been added for you to enjoy the Checkpoint rule.

New characters are available in the shop.

  • Solid Snake Bomber
  • Naked Snake Bomber
  • Raiden Bomber
  • Bill Bomber
  • Lance Bomber
  • Vic Viper ZERO Bomber
  • Ayako Katagiri Bomber
  • Ebisumaru Bomber
  • Xavier Woods Bomber
  • Max

New accessories have been added.

  • Metal Gear series
  • Contra series
  • Origami series
  • Cat series

Spectator mode has been added to Online Grand Prix.

The positioning of items in all of the stages for Grand Prix has been balanced out.

Parts of the outer wall in the Arena stage of Grand Prix have been adjusted.

The amount of gems earned after a Grand Prix battle has been adjusted.

The mercy invincibility when characters revive in the Grand Prix is lifted when a bomb is placed.

The rules for accomplishing a perfect in Grand Prix have been changed.

  • In Crystal, a perfect is accomplished when you possess all the crystals in the stage for 15 seconds.
  • In Basic Bomber, the conditions for a perfect remains to be eliminating the enemy team’s lives completely.

Each character has been classified as either an Attack, Speed, Assist or Unique type.

Fixed the issue of bomb blasts lasting slightly longer during a combo.

The special abilities of the following characters have been adjusted.

  • Shiori Fujisaki Bomber: Lag after activation 1.0 sec → 1.3 sec, stun time 2.2 sec → 2 sec, recharge time 5 sec → 8 sec.
  • Dracula Bomber: Lag after placement 0.5 sec → 0.3 sec, duration 30 sec → infinity, bomb speed 6 → 6.6
  • Goemon Bomber: Smoke now appears when special ability is activated.
  • Princess Tomato Bomber: Special ability can be interrupted by pressing the button again.

Fixed the issue of the inflicted invulnerability being immune from certain special abilities.

The order of stages sold in the shop has been rearranged.

When 4 players are participating in the Grand Prix League, a 2-on-2 battle will begin.

Various other small bugs have been fixed."

Update Release 12/ 6/2017 (ver.2.0.1) - Contents as below:

We have softened some cases of lagging that occurred in the Online Grand Prix depending on the opponent's network conditions.

Pyramid Head Bomber's special ability has been renamed to "Judgement" (the effect is the same).

Fixed other various small bugs.

Update Release 11/15/2017 (ver.2.0) - Contents as below:

The new Battle Mode "Grand Prix" has been added.
The Grand Prix mode offers the following new features from normal battles.

  • Each battle is 2 rounds and the team with the most total points wins.
  • Each character has different power-ups.
  • When you lose a life in the Grand Prix mode, you are resurrected after a certain time instead of turning into a Miso Bomb.
  • Soft blocks will start falling after a certain time has elapsed.
  • You can play with the following two rules.
    Crystal - Compete points by collecting the crystals in the stage.
    Basic Bomber - Compete points by defeating the opponent team.
  • The Bomberman Bros. each have different individual characteristics but can equip a cartridge to gain features and special abilities of other characters.
  • Up to 6 Nintendo Switch™ can be connected in the Grand Prix mode for a network battle.

10 new characters are available in the shop.

  • Option Bomber - A
  • Option Bomber - B
  • Reiko Bomber
  • Shiori Fujisaki Bomber
  • Jehuty Bomber
  • Anubis Bomber
  • Dracula Bomber
  • Princess Tomato Bomber
  • Bubble Head Bomber
  • Goemon Bomber

The Bomber Planet World can be accessed when beating the Story Mode in Standard Mode.

Two new Battle Stages for Standard Mode are available in the shop.

  • Nine Areas
  • Critical Path

9 new accessories are available in the shop.

  • Starry Sky Solar System Series
  • Crab Series
  • Castlevania Series
  • Gradius Series
  • Silent Hill Series
  • Rumble Roses Series
  • Tokimeki Memorial Series
  • Mystical Ninja Series

The performance of Belmont Bomber, Vic Viper Bomber and Pyramid Head Bomber's special abilities have been adjusted.

The punch and kick controls have been slightly adjusted.

The camera work has been slightly adjusted.

Fixed other various small bugs.

Update Release 8/ 2/2017 (ver.1.4.1) - Contents as below:

We fixed the bug in which the player's movement speed would increase in the Power Zone stage.

Fixed other various small bugs.

Update Release 6/29/2017 (ver.1.4) - Contents as below:

3 new characters are now available in the shop.
(Vic Viper Bomber, Simon Belmont Bomber, Pyramid Head Bomber)

4 new VS stages are now available in the shop.
(Classic Conveyor Belt, Panic Factory, Plain Floor, Desert Fort)

2 new series of accessories are now available in the shop.
(Item and Snowflake series)

Other than Battle Royale, the Team Battle is now available as a Battle Rule. In this mode, the team with the last survivor wins the match.

There are now more ways to win Gems and more Gems available. (Previously Gems could only be earned in the League Battle, but now all VS modes provide Gems.)

Adjusted the movement speed of the Power Zone.

Fixed other various small bugs.

Update Release 5/18/2017 (ver.1.3.1) - Contents as below:

Fixed a bug in which the proper wording was not displayed when certain network errors occurred.

Fixed other various small bugs.

Update Release 4/21/2017 (ver.1.3) - Contents as below:

Four new VS stages have been added to the shop
(White Cross, Lagoon, Speed Zone, Power Zone).

Two new series of accessories have been added to the shop
(Crowns, Bombs)

The frame rate of the entire game has been improved. We also made slight adjustments and improved the controls as well.

Less lags are likelier to happen when every participant in the Online Battle have good network connection.
(If you want to find opponents with good connection, set Other > Basic Settings > Network Settings to the very left.)

Made it possible to press L/R to change the inclination of he map in the Story Mode.
Other > Basing Settings will also allow you to fix the camera position as well.

You can now choose the strength of the COM on the Multiplayer Battle Mode.

The strength of the Five Dastardly Bombers on the Story Mode have been adjusted.
The difficulties of Beginner and Normal have been reduced, making it easier to beat them.

Adjusted the heights and slopes on some maps to improve the visibility.

If you continue a certain number of times in the Story Mode, you will be able to continue without paying anymore gems.

Changed the BP (Battle Point) increase/decrease rate for the League Battle.

Fixed other various small bugs.

Update Release 3/17/2017 (ver.1.2) - Contents as below:

You can now select the Room Type when you create a room to host an Online Free Battle.
By choosing "Room Number", only players who know the room number can join.

Adjustments have been made to improve the controls.

  • Adjustments have been made to reduce the input latency.
  • Controls are now more precise to reduce the unintentional direction changes.
  • Character speed has been adjusted so players can make quicker and more agile moves.
  • The characters are now behaving more naturally when in front of a pillar or a block.
  • Making a turn while running along a block or a pillar is now easier.
  • A kicked bomb can be stopped more precisely.

Control parameters have been improved in order to reduce the lag when playing online.

  • Fixed a bug that made the game ignore some button inputs when packet loss occurs.
  • The lag felt when planting a bomb has been reduced.
  • Sudden direction changes are easier to make.

Fixed other various small bugs.

Update Release 3/ 3/2017 (ver.1.1) - Contents as below:

Online Battle Mode is now available.

Horizontal Mode has been added to the Multiplayer Battle Mode.

Added an option to fix the camera position during battle.

Network Settings can now be modified in the Other→Basic Settings menu.

Added the option to change the language.

You can now read the Online Manual in the Other→Basic Settings menu.

The game now supports Russian and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

Fixed other various small bugs.