In this mode you can create a room with your own battle rules and test your strength against players from around the world.
You can also join rooms that other players have created.

※ A maximum of eight players (four Nintendo Switch™ systems, with two players on each one) can play together in this mode.

※ The Team Battle mode is newly available.


On this screen you can choose from four different menus.

Quick Play

Randomly matches you with a room that's looking for players.

Quick Play

Create Room

Create a room and choose the battle rules and stage, then search for other players to join your room. You can either all play individually and go up against each other or split into teams.

Create Room
Rules Select either Battle Royale (Singles) or Team Battle.
Players Set the number of players: either four or eight.
Room type Open: Anyone can join the battle.
Friend Room: Only friends will be able to join this room.
Room Number: Set a room number so that only those who know the number can enter the room.
Sets Select the number of sets per match, from between one and five.
Time Select the battle time limit, from between one and nine minutes.
Start Positions Set whether player start positions are fixed or random.
Revenge Carts Select whether or not defeated players return in Revenge Carts.
Pressure Blocks Select whether or not Pressure Blocks start to fall when time is running out.
Skulls Select whether or not Skulls appear on the stage.
Special Abilities Select whether or not special abilities can be used.

Find Room

Enter the number of a room that's looking for players to join.

※ When too many people try to join the same room using a room number, you may be connected to a different room than the one created by the host.

Find Room

Find Friend Room

Search for rooms to join that were created by friends added to your Nintendo Switch™ account.

Find Friend Room


1Player Info
Your player name, league icon, and host mark (if you're the host).
2Character Select Window
Once you've been matched with other players, you'll be able to change teams, your character and accessory from here.
3Room Number
4Battle Settings
From here you can view the selected battle rules. The player who created the room (the host) can change these rules. However, some rules can't be changed.
This is displayed once two or more players have joined the room and battle will begin in a short time.

※ No countdown will occur when your room type is Open or a Friend Room.

6Antenna icon
You can check the status of your opponent's network connection towards your console. The antenna icon will appear weak if they have bad connection or if they are connecting to you from a very long distance.

※ If your own network condition is bad, all of your opponent's antenna icons may appear weak.

※ If one player has bad network connection, it may result in causing a time lag for all participating players.


1Time Remaining
2Player Name

※ Your team icon will be displayed during a Team Battle.

4Wall Blocks


Once the battle is over, the Results screen will be displayed. Players are ranked based on their number of victories, and will earn BP accordingly. You can also earn Gems as well.

※ In Free Battle mode, any BP increase is discarded, and league promotions cannot be earned.