• NEW Vic Viper Bomber
    Vic Viper Bomber

    A Super-Dimensional Bomberman from the Planet Gradius.

    An ace fighter in the Gradius Space Force, he spends night and day battling to ward off the invading Bacterian Army. Once he learned of Planet Bomber's peril, however, he came to offer his aid.

    He specializes in synchronized attacks performed together with formations of Multiples, or "Options," which also relate to his name's origin.

  • NEW Simon Belmont Bomber
    Simon Belmont Bomber

    A vampire-hunting Bomberman from the Planet Castlevania.

    He is the heir to the Vampire Killer, a sacred whip passed down through the Belmont Clan. As well as his trusty whip, he's also a deft hand with a range of other weapons--bombs included, of course.

    In order to destroy his clan's arch nemesis, Dracula Bomber, he battles relentlessly against the monsters that inhabit Castlevania.

  • NEW Pyramid Head Bomber

    Also known simply as the "Pyramid Thing," this mysterious Bomberman roams the wastelands of the fog-shrouded Planet Silent-Hill.

    He possesses an immortal body and fearsome super-strength, and the blade of the great knife that he drags behind him is almost as long as he is tall. For this blood-curdling executioner, even the other horrific creatures that inhabit Planet Silent-Hill are no more than prey for the taking.

  • White

    The eldest of the eight Bomberman Bros.

    White is the hardworking but downtrodden "big brother" of the group. He's passionate about the pursuit of justice, but unfortunately his siblings don't generally share this fervor, and it usually ends up going to waste. Still, White remains undiscouraged, continuing his battle against evil.

  • Black

    The second eldest of the eight Bomberman Bros.

    Vain and narcissistic to the point that it's a little embarrassing, Black tries to act the cool pragmatist, but in reality all he really excels at is coming up with excuses for slacking off. He does look out for his younger siblings, though--albeit reluctantly.

  • Pink

    The third eldest of the eight Bomberman Bros., and the eldest girl.

    A bright and bubbly busybody who loves prying into other people's business, if Pink ever sees someone in a tight spot, she simply has to help them out. In fact, if she sees someone who ISN'T in a tight spot, she still HAS to help them out...

  • Blue

    The fourth eldest of the eight Bomberman Bros.

    Blue believes in leading a life of leisure - so much so that he spends the vast majority of each day asleep. His special skill is the ability to fall asleep whenever, wherever, and for however long.

  • Red

    The fifth eldest of the eight Bomberman Bros.

    Red's a hot-blooded, hot-headed, hero-wannabe. He looks up to White--in his own way--and like his elder brother believes strongly in the pursuit of justice. The problem is, his first instinct is always to solve every situation with a big bomb blast...

  • Yellow

    The sixth eldest of the eight Bomberman Bros.

    The constantly cheerful heart of the group. Yellow is very naive, very innocent...and a little bit odd. He's constantly off in his own world, and no matter what dire predicament the Bomberman Bros. may find themselves in, you can be sure that he'll still be keeping himself happily entertained somehow or another.

  • Aqua

    The little sis of the group, and the second youngest of all the Bomberman Bros.

    Aqua is a kind, polite, and gentle young girl, and a devoted pacifist who despises violence of all kinds. Her one true wish is that both her friends and enemies alike will put down their arms and stop fighting...but unfortunately, her timid personality means that she's never really able to speak up and say what she thinks.

    However, that's when Aqua ISN'T in a bad mood. If anything ever causes her to lose her temper, she suddenly becomes more fearsome than any of her siblings, transforming into a wild berserker who battles violence with violence.

  • Green

    The youngest of the eight Bomberman Bros.

    Green is everyone's favorite little bro. He's so cute that everything he does makes the others want to hug and protect him - and none of them are ever able to turn down a request from him, either.

    However, this apparent cuteness is not entirely genuine, and behind Green's innocent smile there appears to lurk a ruthlessly calculating and sometimes mean side. Could it be that the others are all being manipulated by Green without even realizing it...?

  • Buggler

    The arch nemesis of the Bomberman Bros., and the evil mastermind behind recent events. Wickedly mighty and mightily wicked, Buggler is close enough to the physical embodiment of evil itself. Together with his faithful underlings, the Five Dastardly Bombers, he plans to destroy the entire universe.

    He possesses characteristics from both organic and robotic life-forms, and is also able to upgrade his own body in order to gain additional power. For his final battle against the Bombermen, it seems he has a startling trick waiting up his sleeve...

  • Magnet Bomber
    Magnet Bomber

    One of the Five Dastardly Bombers.

    Wielding devastating powers of magnetism, Magnet Bomber is able to freely manipulate even the most monstrous of metal masses. He's a troublemaker through-and-through, and loves nothing more than making people sweat.

  • Golem Bomber
    Golem Bomber

    One of the Five Dastardly Bombers.

    With an extraordinarily large frame, and the superhuman strength to match, in terms of sheer toughness alone Golem Bomber stands head and shoulders above the other Dastardly Bombers--half-hearted attacks won't even leave a scratch on him.

  • Phantom Bomber
    Phantom Bomber

    One of the Five Dastardly Bombers.

    Phantom Bomber is the true brains of the Dastardly Bombers - his guile and cunning are said to exceed even Buggler's. He's a highly adept hacker, and is able to scramble computers and place them under his control.

  • Plasma Bomber
    Plasma Bomber

    The leader of the Dastardly Bombers, and the most powerful among them.

    Plasma Bomber possesses the ability to release electrical bolts that can swiftly turn foes to toast. Despite being aligned with an evil and tyrannical army, he despises underhanded and cowardly measures, and wishes to defeat his enemies in fair contests of strength. This is especially so for White, who he respects as a rival.

  • Karaoke Bomber
    Karaoke Bomber

    The only female member of the Five Dastardly Bombers.

    Selfish, bossy, and condescending, Karaoke Bomber's general temperament is that of a spoiled princess. Not only is she able to mesmerize enemies with her "charming attacks", most fearsome of all is her terrifyingly tone-deaf singing. To make matters worse, she's more proud of her voice than anything, and this can often lead to disastrous results. It seems right that we should spare a thought for her underlings, who must endure her blood-curdling ballads day in and day out.