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Yusei Fudo
Though calm and collected, no one can deny that a burning fire rages in Yusei\'s heart. Through his bond of friendship and his destiny as a Signer, Yusei has saved the world countless times. His Junk Deck focuses on low Level monsters, but he extracts their full potential thru Synchro Summoning. His go-to monster is the Signer Dragon "Stardust Dragon".
Crow Hogan
Yusei and Jack's friend since childhood, Crow's rough exterior hides a kind heart. He raises orphans, affectionately calling them his "jackals." During his battle against the Dark Signers, he became a Signer himself. With his Blackwing Deck, he outwits his opponents to victory. His ace monster is the Signer Dragon "Black-Winged Dragon".
Akiza Izinski
A Signer bearing the Mark of the Crimson Dragon, Akiza was branded as a witch and widely feared for her psychic ability to make damage from Duels real. Her powers isolated her from society - until Yusei's kindness allowed her to open her heart. Her Plant-Type Deck focuses on roses. Her ace monster is one of the Signer Dragons: "Black Rose Dragon".
As Luna's older twin brother, Leo feels it's his duty to protect his frail sister. With boundless energy, no mistake or pratfall will get him down. His Machine-Type Deck is overflowing with Morphtronics. His ace monster is "Power Tool Dragon".
Leo's twin sister is also one of the Signers. Completely opposite to Leo, Luna is gentle, polite and mature for her age. She has the ability to hear the voices of Duel Monsters spirits, so she builds her Fairy Deck using those same monsters. Her ace monster is not only a Signer Dragon, but also her friend: "Ancient Fairy Dragon".
Jaden Yuki
Jaden is ready to get his game on at the premier Dueling school in the world - Duel Academy! But his less-than-stellar grades place him in Slifer Red, the lowest-ranked dorm. Still, that won't discourage him from using his super sweet Dueling instincts and his Elemental HERO Deck to make the grade. His go-to monster, Elemental HERO Neos, enhances his Fusion skills - but what sets him further apart is his ability to speak with the spirits that live inside his cards.Character Unlock Missions appear at Stage 8 (DM).
Zane Truesdale
After graduating from Duel Academy, Zane Truesdale was on the fast track to becoming the greatest Duelist in the pro leagues. However, his defeat against Aster Phoenix set him on a dark path where his only desire was victory - at any cost. As the master of the Cyber Style, Zane uses Cyber End Dragon to power his Underworld Deck with forbidden techniques.
Aster Phoenix
Though Aster Phoenix is tearing up the professional Dueling circuit, he enrolled in Duel Academy with a secret purpose in mind. His father was a card designer who created Aster's Destiny HEROES. By avenging his father, Aster regained "Destiny HERO - Plasma".
Chazz Princeton
Formerly an elite Obelisk Blue student, consecutive defeats sent Chazz's reputation plummeting. But rising from the depths of despair, he's back to Chazz it up! He uses various types of cards, from the quirky Ojama brothers to Armed Dragons and XYZ monsters.Character Unlock Missions appear at Stage 6 (GX).
Alexis Rhodes
Even among the best Duelists in Obelisk Blue, Alexis stands at the top of her class. Though she's popular among the boys, her one true love is Dueling. She's not only an expert at Fusion and Ritual Summons, but her Cyber Ladies are always ready to kick the competition.Character Unlock Missions appear at Stage 11 (GX).
Jesse Anderson
An exchange student from North Academy, Jesse and Jaden have one thing in common: They both can see card spirits. This shared ability makes them fast friends. Jesse has a deep bond with his "Crystal Beasts", treating them as his family.
Dr. Vellian Crowler
Dr. Crowler is Duel Academy's #1 professor (or so he claims). But as the instructor in basic duel training, his skills with Ancient Gear monsters are unquestioned. At first, Dr. Crowler was focused on expelling Jaden from Duel Academy, but his views changed over time. What hasn't changed is his erratic behavior that has his students questioning his PhD.
Bastion Misawa
As Ra Yellow's resident genius, Bastion wields six different decks so that he'll have the optimal cards for any Duel. Someone with this much skill should stand out amongst his peers... but he's always in the background. His ace monster may appear to be "Water Dragon", but his real ace is a different monster.
Syrus Truesdale
Unlike his elite brother Zane, Syrus has a hard time believing in his own skills. It doesn't help that when Syrus first arrives at Duel Academy, he's placed in the lowest-ranked Slifer Red dormitory. But by competing - and befriending - many Duelists, Syrus gains confidence in himself and his abilities. His favorite monsters are Machine-Type Vehicroids.
Yami Yugi
When Yugi Muto completed the Millennium Puzzle, he was infused with Yami Yugi's spirit. He is a Duelist of incredible power, battling Seto Kaiba and countless other rivals in Duels of blistering ferocity. His Deck relies on DARK-Attribute cards, such as "Dark Magician" and "Kuriboh."Obtainable during the tutorial (you must choose between Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba).
If not chosen during the tutorial, Character Unlock Missions appear at Stage 16.
Seto Kaiba
Despite being a student at Domino High School, Seto Kaiba is also the young President of KaibaCorp. His arrogance may make him difficult to like, but his top-notch Dueling ability cannot be doubted. He loves no card more than his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon," and he favors Decks that unleash devastating attacks.Obtainable during the tutorial (you must choose between Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba).
If not chosen during the tutorial, Character Unlock Missions appear at Stage 16.
Joey Wheeler
Yugi's loyal friend who also attends Domino High School. He may be a show-off, but he's kind at heart. While he started as a novice, many Duels have made him stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the greats. Joey is a gambler at heart, so he depends on luck and cards like "Time Wizard" to pull him through. He uses a Deck that's heavy with Warrior and Beast-Warrior cards, and his ace monster is the mighty "Red-Eyes B. Dragon."Appears at the Gate when you reach Stage 3.
Obtainable by Dueling him at the Gate and winning.
Mai Valentine
A strong-willed Duelist who never wastes an opportunity to put the boys in their place. Though she once led a solitary life and trusted no one, her experiences with Joey and Yugi have taught her the value of friendship. Her Deck is mainly comprised of strong female monsters, such as "Harpie" and "Amazoness."Character Unlock Missions appear at Stage 10.
Tea Gardner
Tea is Yugi's childhood friend who dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Though she won't call herself a Duelist, her bravery won't allow her to back down from any Duel.Character Unlock Missions appear at Stage 6.
Yugi Muto
Yugi Muto was a quiet, game-loving high school student leading an ordinary life... until he solved the Millennium Puzzle. Now destiny has opened the path to an unimaginable journey! His signature card is the mighty "Gandora the Dragon of Destruction" that has the power to wipe out everyone.
Weevil Underwood
Regional champion Weevil Underwood loves to buzz to victory with his Insect Deck. Nothing will stop Weevil from getting a win, even if it means throwing Yugi's cards into the ocean or messing with Joey's Deck. One of his favorite techniques is an Insect Combo using "Great Moth" and "Insect Queen."Character Unlock Missions appear by Dueling against Standard Duelists 100 times.
Rex Raptor
A skilled Duelist who finished second in the Regionals, Rex Raptor's strategy focuses on having his Dinosaurs stomp all over his foes with an aggressive offense. His prized possession is the rare "Red-Eyes B. Dragon," which he spent his lifetime to obtain.Character Unlock Missions appear at Stage 21.
Mako Tsunami
Mako Tsunami participates in many tournaments so that he can use the prize money to buy a fishing boat and sail the mighty waves. He masterfully used his Sea Deck to give Yugi and Joey some of the toughest Duels ever. His signature monster "The Legendary Fisherman" unleashes its true strength when it swims out into his "Umi" field.Character Unlock Missions appear by successfully Tribute Summoning a monster 150 times.
Yami Marik
Yami Marik is Marik Ishtar's dark side created from the suffering he endured as a Gravekeeper. Cruel and vicious, he enjoys watching his opponents suffer. His appetite for destruction is incomprehensible. His "Lava Golem" can be summoned to the opponent's side of the field where it slowly puts the stranglehold on his foe.
Yami Bakura
When Yugi's classmate Bakura was possessed by the evil spirit inside the Millennium Ring, he transformed into Yami Bakura. He is merciless and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Yami Bakura's Occult Deck focuses on Fiend and Zombie-Type cards.
Bandit Keith
Intercontinental champion Bandit Keith has no qualms about using underhanded tactics to steal the win. His signature monster "Barrel Dragon" has an effect that enables it to destroy his opponent's card.Character Unlock Missions appear by winning Duels against Legendary Duelists 50 times.
Ishizu Ishtar
Ishizu Ishtar is a descendant of the Gravekeeper family who have safeguarded the Millennium Items. She is determined to rescue her younger brother Marik from the darkness that has overtaken him. The power of her Millennium Necklace allows her to see the future.
Odion is the servant of the Ishtar family and has sworn his allegiance to Marik. An honest Duelist who Duels fair and square, his Deck is comprised of Trap Monsters, such as "Embodiment of Apophis", to ensnare his unsuspecting opponents.
Maximillion Pegasus
Maximillion Pegasus is the president of Industrial Illusions and the genius game designer who created Duel Monsters. He uses the power of his Millennium Eye to read his opponent's mind and see the cards in their hand. His Deck focuses on Toon Monsters to toy with his opponent. But when he gets serious, his "Relinquished" has an effect that enables it to absorb his opponent's monsters.
Mokuba Kaiba
Seto Kaiba's younger brother may only be in elementary school, but he's smart enough to be the Vice President of KaibaCorp. A skilled gamer in his own right, Mokuba is a Capsule Monsters champion. Whether those skills translate to being a Duelist is yet to be seen.
Paradox Brothers
Eliminators under Pegasus's employ, many Duelists did the Paradox Brothers destroy. Using their expert tag skills, they did their best to bludgeon Joey and Yugi in Duelist Kingdom's underground dungeon. They combined their three elemental gods「Sanga of the Thunder」,「Kazejin」and 「Suijin」to form their ace monster 「Gate Guardian」.
One of Marik's nefarious Rare Hunters, Arkana believes he is the one true Master of Magicians. He has no qualms about harming his own cards - as long as it guarantees him a victory. During Battle City, Arkana faced Yami Yugi in a clash of Dark Magicians - where one mistake could lead to an eternity in the Shadow Realm.
Bonz puts the fright in his foes with a Ghost Deck full of Zombies. Though he faithfully served Bandit Keith during Duelist Kingdom, his loyalty was rewarded with betrayal when Bandit Keith ditched Bonz after losing to Joey. Bonz also entered the Battle City Tournament, but Yami Bakura quickly spooked him out of the prelims.
Espa Roba
The psychic Espa Roba channels the energies of the universe to read his opponent's hand during a Duel - or so he claims. Unfortunately, Joey debunked his cosmic powers as a hoax during Battle City. But what isn't fake are his Dueling skills, punishing Joey with his ace monster "Jinzo".