KC Grand Tournament 2021 Celebration Campaign

Log in during the campaign to get Legend foil rarity of "Shooting Star Dragon"!

Items will be sent to your Gift Box after completing the tutorial.

Log in to get a total of 8 special Tickets that can be exchanged for rare Cards!

1 ticket can be obtained per day during the campaign, for a total of 8 tickets.

Log in to receive a login bonus of 1000 Gems!

Log in to get a Skill Ticket that can be exchanged for a character Skill!

Characters that have been released by 23:59 on 04-20-2021(JST) are eligible.

For a limited time, Yusei Fudo's exclusive Skill "Shooting Star Road" will be given to all players!

The Skill will not delivered if players do not own Yusei Fudo.

Starts at (JST)Rewards
05-02-2021 Special Day Pack
05-03-2021 Gem 80
05-09-2021 UR&SR Ticket
05-10-2021 Gem 80
05-16-2021 Special Day Pack
05-17-2021 Gem 80
05-23-2021 UR&SR Ticket
05-24-2021 Gem 80
05-30-2021 Special Day Pack
05-31-2021 Gem 80