"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links" 4th Anniversary Celebration Campaign

Log in during the campaign to get Legend foil rarity of "Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon" and "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"!

Items will be sent to your Gift Box after completing the tutorial.

Log in to get a total of 8 special Tickets that can be exchanged for rare Cards!

1 ticket can be obtained per day during the campaign, for a total of 8 tickets.

Log in to receive a login bonus of 1000 Gems!

Log in to get a Skill Ticket that can be exchanged for a character Skill!

Characters that have been released by 23:59 on 12-15-2020(JST) are eligible.

Log in to get Card Sleeves and Game Mat with a special 4th Anniversary design!

Starts at (JST)Rewards
01-03-2021 Gem 80
01-04-2021 UR Ticket
01-10-2021 Gem 80
01-11-2021 UR Ticket
01-17-2021 Gem 80
01-18-2021 UR Ticket
01-24-2021 Gem 80
01-25-2021 UR Ticket
01-31-2021 Gem 80