Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS Sign of Harpies

Let's go, "Cyber Slash Harpie Lady"!
It's time to dance your way to victory!

Example of Combos

Harpie Channeler + Harpie's Pet Dragon

First, Normal Summon "Harpie Channeler" and then use its effect by discarding 1 "Harpie" card in your hand so that you can Special Summon 1 "Harpie's Pet Dragon" from your Deck.
With this, you will have a Dragon-Type monster on your field, so your "Harpie Channeler" will become Level 7. Since "Harpie's Pet Dragon" is also a Level 7 monster, you can Xyz Summon "Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack"!

F.A. Hang On Mach + F.A. Off-Road Grand Prix + F.A. Auto Navigator

First, Normal Summon "F.A. Hang On Mach," activate "F.A. Off-Road Grand Prix" from your hand, and then use the effect of "F.A. Hang On Mach" in order to increase its Level by 1!
Then, Special Summon "F.A. Auto Navigator" from your hand by using its effect with "F.A. Hang On Mach" on your field as a target.
Next, use the effect of "F.A. Auto Navigator" that can be used when it is Special Summoned so that you can add a second copy of "F.A. Off-Road Grand Prix" to your hand!
Finally, use the effect of the second "F.A. Off-Road Grand Prix" and if you do not activate "F.A. Hang On Mach"'s effect, you can Synchro Summon "F.A. Motorhome Transport"!

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