[IMPORTANT] Reconfigure Your Data Link

Following the release of the v4.6.2 update on 08/27/2020, you will need to reconfigure your data link with Apple's Game Center. If you do not, you will be unable to use the Game Center to perform a Data Transfer.
Additionally, following the update, only devices using iOS version 12.4 or later will be able to make use of the Game Center's Data Link and Data Transfer features.

As such, if you wish to perform a Data Transfer using the Game Center after the update, ensure your device has iOS 12.4 or later installed, then go to [Extras] > [Support] > [Link Data] to reconfigure your link.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to suggest that you link your data through your KONAMI ID before the v4.6.2 update. The update has no impact on Data Transfers through KONAMI ID, making it the most convenient and reliable way of transferring your data after changing devices or reinstalling the game.

For more information on linking your data and data transfers, go to:
[Extras] > [Support] > [Contact & FAQ] > [FAQ] > [Data Transfer]