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eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE

eFootball.Open Week!

Hop online this week to participate in Round 1 of the eFootball.Open!
No ranking restrictions apply to Round 1 Matchday events, and no registration is required to participate.

■eFootball.Open Round 1
[Top Menu] > [eFootball] > [Matchday]
In addition to regular Matchday rewards, the first 100 Event Points you earn in Round 1 also award you an extra 50 eFootball Points, bringing the total to 100 eFootball Points!
Furthermore, those who earn 2000 Event Points qualify for eFootball.Open Round 2.

■eFootball.Open Round 2
[Top Menu] > [eFootball] > [Online Tournament]
*Round 2 events are only displayed to users who earn 2000 Event Points in Round 1.

■eFootball.Open Online Qualifier Schedule
Only participants that earned enough points in Round 1 are eligible to participate in Round 2.
See here for more information.

*All eFootball.Open Matchdays are subject to schedule changes and/or cancellation.
*Unfortunately, the eFootball Point program will not be available to users who select the United States of America as their place of residence when playing PES for the first time. We are currently in the process of organizing an alternative where these users will be able to get in-game items in place of eFootball Points.