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eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE

Flamengo Anniversary Campaign!

November 15th is the anniversary of the founding of one of our partner clubs, FLAMENGO.

FLAMENGO has claimed a number of national Brazilian titles over the years, and has also come out on top in several international competitions.
As a way of celebrating their anniversary, we will be sending all users the 'Legends: FLAMENGO' Special Agent that can sign Legends from FLAMENGO.

Here are the Legends featured this week:


Don't miss this chance to add some top talent to your squad!

■ Legends: FLAMENGO

・ Period
11/12/2020 06:00 - 11/18/2020 23:59 (UTC)

*You must complete the myClub tutorial to be eligible for this campaign.

Promising and proven players will soon be available in-game as Featured Players.
Featured Players have boosted stats and come equipped with new skills, setting them apart from standard versions of the same players.
Stay on top of the Featured Players list to ensure a steady stream of top talent onto your squad.

■ Club Selection: FLAMENGO

・ Period
11/12/2020 06:00 - 11/18/2020 23:59 (UTC)

*This Special Agent can be used up to 3 times while it's available.
*To confirm the Players available to each Special Agent, consult their [List of Targets] from the following location:
[myClub] → [Contract] → [Agents] → Select a Special Agent → [Profile] → [List of Targets]

Important Information on Featured Players
・Featured Players are available to sign via Special Agents.
・It is possible to sign duplicates of Featured Players.
・When utilizing the services of a Special Agent with a limited number of signings, you may not be able to sign all Featured Players available via that agent.
・You cannot trade in 3 duplicates of a Featured Player if the variants are not the same. You can trade them only if you have 3 identical copies of a Featured Player.
・There is no limit to how long you can use a Featured Player. As long as eFootball PES 2021's online services are active, you are free to use him just as you would any other player.
・Featured Players' rarities and abilities will not be adjusted due to maintenance on the game or via updates.
・Featured Players are subject to Live Updates.
・We may change the image of Featured Players at our discretion. We appreciate your kind understanding.
・The scheduling of new Featured Players may be delayed or canceled without prior notice. Please confirm which players are available to sign from a Special Agent before using one.

■ Note
*Rewards can be claimed from your Inbox.
*Rewards can't be claimed after they expire.
*All dates and times are subject to change.