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eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE

Lunar New Year Campaign

Thanks for playing eFootball PES 2021!

We hope you're all excited, because we're on cloud nine about our upcoming Lunar New Year Campaign! Various login bonuses and events will be available as part of the campaign, so log into myClub and join the action!

■ Lunar New Year Gift Login Bonus
To celebrate the Lunar New Year, we'll be running a 2-week login campaign. In total, you'll be able to earn up to 1,000 eFootball Points and 600 myClub Coins!
Log in once during each week of the campaign to earn 500 eFootball Points and 300 myClub Coins.

・ Period
02/08/2021 02:00 - 02/15/2021 01:59 (UTC)
02/15/2021 02:00 - 02/22/2021 01:59 (UTC)

*eFootball Points are not available to users in all regions. As a result, users from such regions will receive different rewards in place of eFootball Points.
Make sure to check out the official eFootball Point Program website for more information.

■ Iconic Moment Series Special Agents
Get your hands on Special Agents that can sign players from the Iconic Moment Series!
Players in this series come with boosted stats that reflect their performance during a standout match in their career. Their cards even feature unique designs based on photos taken during that same match.
In addition, these players come with a unique feature that allows you to boost their stats even further by matching their affiliated team to your own in myClub.

・ Round 1
This Special Agent can sign the following 3 players from the Iconic Moment Series: D. BECKHAM (Match played on 12/07/1994), D. FORLÁN (Match played on 12/01/2002), and PARK JI SUNG (Match played on 04/12/2011).
02/11/2021 02:00 - 02/18/2021 01:59 (UTC)

・ Round 2
Iconic Moment: ARSENAL
This Special Agent can sign the following 3 players from the Iconic Moment Series: D. BERGKAMP (Match played on 09/23/1995), F. LJUNGBERG (Match played on 05/04/2002), and R. PIRÈS (Match played on 05/07/2003).
02/18/2021 02:00 - 02/25/2021 01:59 (UTC)

■ Fans' Choice Players
This week, players selected through the Fans' Choice campaign will be available in-game as Featured Players with exclusive portrait designs.
There is no limit to the number of times you can use this Agent.
Stay on top of the Featured Players list to ensure a steady stream of top talent onto your squad.

Fans' Choice: English League
Fans' Choice: Asian
11/02/2021 02:00 - 18/02/2021 01:59 (UTC)

■ Legend Challenge
Face off against the Legend COM in two separate challenge cups, one starting at 02:00 on 02/08/2021, and the other at 02:00 on 02/15/2021 (UTC). Beating either of these challenges will reward you with the 'Legends: Worldwide Clubs' Special Agent guaranteed to sign a Legend player!
If you're not ready to take on the Legend COM just yet, you'll also have access to a Superstar VS COM Challenge Cup. Taking down the Superstar COM is no mean feat, either. As such, you'll be rewarded with a 'Legends: Worldwide Clubs' Special Agent for winning this cup.
Take this opportunity to test your skills and add some talented players to your squad.

■ Konami Cup Home V Away Coming Soon!
Get ready for another exciting Konami Cup Home V Away, featuring a selection of the most popular clubs in PES 2021!
This time, the cup will kick off at 02:00 on 02/08/2021 (UTC) and will run for a total of 2 weeks.
A number of clubs from Asia have also joined the roster, so don't miss out on this special Matchday event!

Check out the notice on each event for more information.

*All event details are subject to change, and events may be canceled at our discretion.