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eFootball PES2021 LITE

eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE

eFootball PES 2021 LITE: Now Available!*

Available for download now, PES 2021 LITE gives you unrestricted access to all the features of myClub mode.
In myClub, you'll build your very own dream team by collecting players and managers that suit your personal playstyle. Train your rookies into superstars, or sign Legends and other powerful players to get an edge on the competition.

myClub also gives you access to the Iconic Moment Series, a powerful new variation of players introduced to PES this year.
These players are based on memorable moments from the careers of current and former superstars, and come with boosted stats that reflect their performance at that time.
Additionally, myClub mode also lets you sign "Featured Players", who are essentially stronger variations of existing players chosen for their standout performances in recent matches. Sign both of these powerful player types to your squad and dominate the competition!

PES 2021 LITE also comes with Matchday mode, a competitive PvP mode where you participate in various events inspired by real world football matches and infamous rivalries. Matchday mode is also the home of the eFootball.Open, an esports tournament that welcomes players of all skill levels. In addition, PES 2021 LITE also includes the "Local Match" and "Training" modes, allowing you to sharpen your skills against the COM.

Edit Mode is included as well, giving you the ability to customize and create strips, emblems and team names.
Edit Mode also gives you the ability to import data created by other users, giving you access to a limitless variety of designs.
Customize your team and hit the pitch in style!

PES 2021 LITE fully supports the recently launched eFootball Point Program.
eFootball Points are the currency of the eFootball Point Program. Points can be earned in various ways, including playing the game and watching eFootball tournaments. Once you've earned points, you can redeem them for various in-game items and bonuses.
You can also earn eFootball Points by participating in the 2020-21 season of the eFootball.Open scheduled to kick off in December.
Some of the bonuses you can earn with eFootball Points can be used to strengthen your team, so be sure to participate in the eFootball.Open to earn as many points as possible!

PES 2021 LITE also features a wealth of licensed content from our official partners FC Barcelona, FC Bayern München, Juventus, Manchester United and Arsenal.
This includes the home stadiums of each of our partner clubs, which have been recreated in-game with jaw-dropping attention to detail.

Modes Available in PES 2021 LITE

    • ・Kick Off (Offline)
      • Local Match
      • Co-op
      • Training (Skills Training)
    • ・myClub
    • ・eFootball
      • Matchday
      • Online Tournament (limited to specific tournaments)
    • Settings
    • Edit Mode (PS4 and Steam only)

Clubs Available in Kick Off Mode (Local Match & Co-op)

  • FC Barcelona
  • FC Bayern München
  • Juventus
  • Manchester United
  • Arsenal
  • All other modes allow you to use the same clubs as the full version of the game. See here for a full list of clubs.

Stadiums Available in Kick Off Mode (Local Match & Co-op)

  • Neu Sonne Arena
  • All other modes allow you to use the same stadiums as the full version of the game. See here for a full list of stadiums.
    • myClub data can be transferred between the full version of PES 2021 and PES 2021 LITE.
    • Players from both the free version of PES 2021 and the full version all play on the same server, meaning you won't have any trouble matchmaking.
    • Please note that some modes, including Master League, are only available in the full version of the game.
    • Some clubs are not available in certain modes in PES 2021 LITE.
    • Not all eFootball mode competitions are available in PES 2021 LITE.
    • Due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, some countries may implement last minute changes to certain tournament regulations.This may result in disparities with the way that regulations are described in-game. As a result, all tournament details are subject to change without prior notice.

*Includes in-game purchases.