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eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE
Update (2020/12/21)
We have been receiving a number of inquiries from PC (Steam) users who are unable to claim Club Edition Bonuses.

As outlined in the original post (below), any user who uses illegitimate means to obtain in-game bonuses is violating the Terms of Use.
Whenever a violation is detected, all illegitimately obtained Club Edition bonuses are removed from the offending account.
We also put measures in place to ensure that these accounts cannot commit the same offense again.

As a result, if we have removed any items from your account for violating the Terms of Use, you will be unable to claim bonuses from any subsequent Club Edition purchases.

Please note that we do not offer refunds for bonuses removed from your account. Additionally, we do not respond to requests asking for any removed bonuses to be returned.

Original Post (2020/11/12)

我们已经确认,部分玩家最近滥用了一个漏洞,以获取他们无权获得的Club Edition奖励。

・ 从违规账户中删除所有非法获得的Club Edition奖励。
・ 对问题进行了修复,以防止该漏洞继续被利用。