eFootball PES 2020

25th Anniversary x UEFA EURO 2020™ Campaign

Thanks for playing eFootball PES 2020!
In July 2020, PES celebrated its 25th anniversary.
We are also very excited to be able to bring you a whole host of UEFA EURO 2020™ themed content.
See the following for more information on all the amazing events planned.

■ UEFA EURO 2020™ Matchday
We'll be holding an exclusive Matchday competition themed after the final tournament of the UEFA EURO 2020™.
The group stage of the tournament will see participating teams separated into 6 groups. The top 16 teams from this stage will then proceed to the knockout stage.
Results from the mobile and console versions of PES will be aggregated to determine which teams proceed through the rounds.
More information will be announced in-game soon. You can also check out the official UEFA EURO 2020™ Matchday website for details.

■ UEFA EURO 2020™ Matchday Predict-The-Winner Campaign
We will be holding the Predict-The-Winner Campaign alongside the UEFA EURO 2020™ Matchday competition.
A staggering total of 100 million myClub Coins will be divided evenly among users who accurately predict the winner.
Stay tuned for further details.

In the coming days and weeks, several Featured Players selected based on overall match results from the UEFA EURO 2020™ Matchday competition will be available in-game as POTW: UEFA EURO 2020™.

■ LEGENDS: European National Teams
During the period listed below, you'll also have access to Special Agents that can sign Legends who have competed in the UEFA EURO at some point in their careers.

・ Period
07/23/2020 06:00 - 07/27/2020 00:00 (UTC)
07/30/2020 06:00 - 08/03/2020 00:00 (UTC)
08/06/2020 06:00 - 08/10/2020 00:00 (UTC)

■ Special Login Campaign
Log in to myClub during the campaign period and you'll get 3 'LEGENDS: European National Teams' Special Agents!
The Special Agent obtainable through this campaign is also available to acquire in-game.

・ Period
07/23/2020 06:00 - 07/27/2020 00:00 (UTC)
07/30/2020 06:00 - 08/03/2020 00:00 (UTC)
08/06/2020 06:00 - 08/10/2020 00:00 (UTC)

*You must complete the myClub tutorial to be eligible for this campaign.
*You can only obtain each login present once per week.

■ Important Information
*Rewards can be claimed from your Inbox.
*Rewards can't be claimed after they expire.
*All dates and times are subject to change.