eFootball PES 2020

The eFootball League has kicked off!

eFootball League is a tournament that welcomes competitors of all skills levels.
10 European clubs were chosen to be part of the 2019-20 season roster.
During registration, you'll be asked which of these clubs you wish to represent in the tournament. Pick your favourite club and do them proud by thrashing the opposition!
As if the thrill of competition was not enough incentive, you'll also receive a bonus of 300 myClub Coins just for registering!

Register here.

■ Roster of Clubs:

◆ eFootball.Pro
eFootball.Pro is a tournament in which professional esports players compete as representatives of real-world football clubs.
Clubs will compete in a league-style competition until April, whereupon the top ranking clubs will be selected to face off in a final tournament held in May.
Prize money will be awarded to clubs according to their final standing.
Special awards will also be given to the MVP and the best goal of the tournament.
Fans will have the option to spectate the action from the News section in PES 2020, and will be rewarded with myClub Coins for doing so! Stay tuned for more details.
Support your favourite clubs and players as they vie for dominance.

◆ eFootball.Open
This is an esports tournament where everyone, amateur or veteran, can participate to test their skills.
In Open, you'll compete in Matchday events that feature the same matchups as eFootball.Pro tournaments. Play as many matches as possible to climb the ranks within your chosen side.
Those competing in 'Expert' class Matchday tournaments will then proceed on to decide who will be the ultimate Representative for each club. The participants of this tournament will be determined by all eFootball.Open Matchday results recorded up until February.
These representatives will play in a tournament to decide the number 1 club.

◆ eFootball Season Program
Thanks to the eFootball Season Program, all the points you accrue in Matchday will now earn you rewards that can be used in myClub mode.
The matchups will be the same as eFootball.Pro, and the points you gain using the club that you registered for will be tallied.
Remember, using the players from your chosen club in your squad will earn you more points, and more points means better rewards!

The actual dates will be disclosed at a later time.