eFootball PES 2020

This Week's myClub Overview

In this week's myClub, we're focused on the Spanish League. Take this chance to sign players with a new Special Agent, and challenge yourself in a tournament featuring clubs from this league.

The Agent has access to a selection of talented players from Spanish League clubs and can help sign some powerful players that are Silver Ball or higher in rarity.

Claim victory in the VS COM Challenge Cup against clubs from the Spanish League to win 5,000 GP for your first victory in each cup. Win all 3 cups for a total of 15,000 GP.

Complete the 'Win Streak Challenge' Online Challenge Cup to win a 'Black Ball' Special Agent as a first-time reward. Don't miss this chance to sign a Black Ball player!

Check out the notice on each event for more details.
Good luck in this week's myClub!