eFootball PES 2020

Vote for an eFP Friendly Finalist to get myClub Coins!

The final round of the eFootball.Pro Friendly Tournament will be streamed online from 12:00 on 12/04/2020 (UTC).To add to the excitement, we'll be running a campaign that will give you the chance to earn myClub Coins by voting for your favourite finalist. The better they perform, the more myClub Coins you stand to win!
Join the virtual spectator stands on YouTube and show your support for some of PES 2020's best esports athletes.

Vote here:

View the stream here:
*The stream begins at 12:00 on 12/04/2020 (UTC).

Kams10_ (Manchester United)
Aazbabysk (Nantes)
*You must link your KONAMI ID to your eFootball PES 2020 account to participate in this campaign.
*You will be able to vote after you log in to the campaign site using your KONAMI ID.
*Votes are open until the 12:00 on 12/04/2020 (UTC).
*You can vote multiple times, but only your final vote will count.

The amount of myClub Coins you earn in this campaign depends on how well your chosen finalist performs. See below for details.
100 myClub Coins
50 myClub Coins per goal
First Goal of the Match:
50 myClub Coins
Direct Free Kick Goal:
50 myClub Coins
Goal Scored from a Corner Kick:
50 myClub Coins
*Even if your selected finalist loses the match, you will still receive myClub Coins for any goals they scored.
*All myClub Coins earned through this campaign will be sent out on 23/04/2020.
*Be sure to claim any myClub Coins you earn from the Inbox before they expire.
*Dates, times and all other campaign details are subject to change.