eFootball PES 2020
현재 다음과 같은 현상이 발생한 것을 확인했습니다.

All Online Modes
・An issue affecting online PvP matches, where changes made to stadium settings prior to a match occasionally fail to carry over into gameplay.

・ A display issue affecting your GP counter after losing an Auction, which causes it to appear as though you were refunded more GP than you had actually bid. Exiting and re-entering myClub will ensure that the correct amount of GP is displayed.
・An issue in Matchday where your Squad Rating fails to update to reflect changes made in the Squad Management screen. This issue can be fixed by returning to the myClub main menu, then re-entering Matchday.

・'대표전'이 경기 도중에 종료되면 '대표전'을 관전한 보상을 획득할 수 없는 문제

본 현상은 추후 배포할 업데이트 파일로 수정할 예정입니다.
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