eFootball PES 2020
We have discovered that the update released on 24/10/2019 has caused an issue in the Competition Details screen for Custom Squad Matchday events. Currently, some of the bonus values listed on the screen in question are incorrect in certain languages. Please be assured that the correct values are being used to calculate Event Points earned during Matchday. You may also check the correct values from the Squad Management screen.

See below for a comparison of incorrect and correct bonus values.

■ Correct Values
Your Side's Players: 800%
Legend Players: 200%
Featured Players: 200%
Opposing Side's Players: 25%
Other Players: 100%

■ Incorrect Values Displayed in Some Languages
Your Side's Players: 800%
Featured Players: 200%
Opposing Side's Players: 200%
Other Players: 25%

A fix for this issue is planned for an update in the near future.
All users will also be sent 30,000 GP in the coming days as an apology for any confusion caused.

We appreciate your patience and understanding, and thank you for your continued support of PES 2020.